Heroes of the Storm is ending development and entering maintenance mode

Blizzard has revealed that it will no longer be bringing new heroes or special events to its MOBA

when i turn seven Heroes of the Storm is nearing the end of its development process. Blizzard announced last Friday (8) that it no longer plans to add content to the MOBA in the future, but will keep it in development. maintenance modeAs is the case with similar games StarCraft and StarCraft II.

This means that the company will continue to invest in already created characters and events, but Will not invest in any additional content. The same applies to the game store, which should not receive any kind of addition in the future. According to Blizzard, Any future patches for the game will focus on bug fixes and character balance changesif it is necessary.

To thank the Heroes of the Storm community, Blizzard will offer Epic Arcane Lizard for all players From the update that should be released this week. before the announcement The game received its last major update in September 2021which focused precisely on correcting errors and correcting some of its protagonists.

The competitive scene of the game was closed in 2018

This news may surprise many players as Blizzard was still adding new content to the game released in 2015. A large part of this is due to the fact that MOBAs lost a lot of attention in 2018When the developer announced that it was Completely ended his official competitive scene.

At the beginning of 2019, he Made some changes to the monetization structure of the game, who stopped betting on the lot box model. Since then, players have been able to Buy the things they want directlywhich were sold both individually and in special packaging.

– Continues after commercial –

In addition to bringing a number of special events to Heroes of the Storm in recent years, Blizzard also continued to expand the character pool. with figures such as It’s a call (Overwatch) and Hogger Heads (Warcraft). The game also received a completely original hero in the form OrpheusThe successor to Pacho de Corvos, who was directly related to the overall history of MOBA.


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Source: PC Gamer, Blizzard


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