Hellblade 2: Ninja Theory to use AI-based software for voice acting

According to a new report from Good Luck Have Fun, several triple-A development studios are using AI-based software to voice their characters, including Ninja theory Looking forward to yours Senua Saga: Hellblade 2.

The program in question is called Modified AI and features an extensive library of vocal performances, including twenty professional actors. Actors, understood as a category, are naturally not happy with the situation because they fear losing the value of their work. Note that the modified AI has already been used by Neon Giant recently uphill.

The report doesn’t name any other development studios, but the mention of Ninja Theory’s name is enough to get everyone’s attention. That being said, Xbox Studios and Altered, the company that develops Altered AI, have signed a collaboration agreement, the terms of which are still unknown.

According to Ioannis Agiomirgiannakis, Altered’s CEO, their software is mostly used for prototyping at the moment. Either way, he says, Altered AI is to audio what YouTube was to video.

Agiomirgianaks: “When you have a dialogue, you imagine it in a certain way. But when you give dialogue to voice actors, the result is often not as dynamic as you’d like. We provide an intermediate step where you can prototype dialogue and have a reference before entering the studio.

Therefore, at this time, Altered AI will not be able to completely replace voice actors.

However, the latter did not take this news well. Someone already tried to point out that this is a great opportunity for indie studios who usually can’t dub their games, but Ashley Burch heard about the Horizon series and Yuri Lowenthal heard about Marvel’s Spider-Man. The answer is that there are specific contracts designed for independent developers so they can access professional voice actors without breaking the bank.

Actors’ main fear is that this software will be used to exploit their work, as Lowenthal noted: “I know an actor who has filmed a lot of his performance and voice and found his specific moves in the game that this is a dangerous precedent that has already happened and I want to start a dialogue with artificial companies. Intelligence to talk about how they can protect the actors and the ecosystem of the story.

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