Hell is Us director says the game will be more “old school” than Elden Ring

The game does not grab the player with features that make the game easier

Announced in April, Hell is Us is a new title from Nacon and is being developed in Unreal Engine 5. The reveal trailer doesn’t show us the gameplay, only the game concept, so we don’t know much about the game yet. In an interview with Rock Paper Shotgun Creative director Jonathan Jacques-Bellet said that Hell is Us will have an “old school” feel, even more so than Elden Ring.

After the game was announced, the director, who was also responsible for some games in the Deus EX franchise, said that Hell is Us aims to “bring back true exploration and adventure” with a quest log or arrows pointing the way.

To support this idea, he now adds that the game will be “old school, kind of old school. I’m talking about something more than Elden Ring, because Elden Ring had to have a map, you can still put objective flags. Markers and things like that. It’s not (In hell we are)” said the creative director.

Study beyond attention to detail

He wants the game to be the same as in real life, especially “before cell phones and GPS,” where you have to listen to conversations and pay attention to your surroundings. He mentions a specific quest where the main character is directed to find a house with “500 birdhouses” and that would be the only clue.

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Nothing is handed to you on a platter, but the director says that “all these elements, both in the world and what the NPCs are telling you, are clear enough if you pay attention.” Hell is Us won’t have an audio or text log telling you the story of anything or telling you what to do.

The game’s announcement said Hell is Us would be an open-world game, but Jacques-Belletête says it will be similar to Metro Exodus.

“It’s semi-open, a little bit like Metro Exodus, where you have these areas that can be quite open, right? With different sizes, some can be quite small and some can be quite large. […] It’s not like that, you see a mountain in the background and you are going to cross the mountain. Our intention was never to create an open world,” says the director.

He guarantees that it will be possible to improve the character and his weapons, “discover cool environments” and that the game will “try to say something deep and interesting.” “And I think that’s what we’re trying to do,” adds Jonathan Jacques-Bellette.

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Hell is Us is scheduled for next year. Nacon will have its own digital event on July 7th, and maybe something more detailed about the game will be revealed.


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Source: Rock Paper Shotgun


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