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Currently, the indie game market offers a lot of interesting options, studios with a few people can offer good options for shorter games with different themes.

And among these indie titles we have Hazel Sky, a puzzle and exploration adventure created by Brazilian developer Coffee Addict Studio that promises to offer players a sentimental and intimate journey.

But has this national indie game managed to deliver everything it wished for? Check out our review to find out!

steps of an engineer

In Hazel skyfollows the journey of Shine, a young man transported to an island far from his floating city of Gideon to complete three tests and prove his worth, become a respected engineer like his father, and join the elite that keep his city alive. work.

Source: Stella/Voxel

As the story progresses, we discover more about the utopian Gideon that was erected in the past by the First Engineer to create a perfect mind-controlled society in which all forms of art are considered not only illegal but a plague, transforming artists. Being marginalized and hated by high society.

However, things are going dark in the city, the number of engineers is decreasing every year and the social revolution is intensifying among the lower classes who are constantly oppressed.

As he tries to complete his errands and return home as a respectable figure, a young man radios Erin, a young woman also on trial, and it’s illicit conversations between the two. which begins to change the world view of the hero.

Source: Stella/Voxel

Although Shane has no problem following the established traditions, the future engineer is suspicious of the system, more inclined to seek his freedom and life elsewhere, where music, for example, is not forbidden, but yes, celebrated.

And it is these questions that follow the character on his adventure and turn into a true journey of discovery, not a simple test of skills.

Presented with a super cute look and a great soundtrack, the story of the game brings out some really interesting points about freedom and traditionalism.

Source: Stella/Voxel

During his tests, the hero discovers the corpses of other family members who chose to sacrifice their lives rather than continue on a path that did not make them happy, showing the despair that living without a choice can bring.

In addition, books scattered across the game’s three maps tell more about the former engineers and their paths, while radio messages reflect the progress of the revolution and the discontent of Gideon’s residents.

Source: Stella/Voxel

However, understanding Hazel sky It is not very simple. You have to be willing to explore every nook and cranny of the areas and do a lot of reading, as most of the files are quite extensive and yet some of the information can seem confusing and disconnected, especially when it comes to the supernatural aspects.

At the end of the game, there is still that little taste that something is missing, like some detail has been left out, which is a shame because the premise is really interesting and deserves more space to develop.

Constant search for solutions

Hazel sky Doesn’t feature any sort of combat, focusing on solving puzzles to fix the three hovercrafts and eventually get back to Gideon.

Source: Stella/Voxel

The fun part is that it involves scavenging for materials, mending pieces of cloth and metal, scavenging for coal, and even convincing a sleeping bison to derail a train.

In general, the tasks are very smooth and there is no need to “break your head” to solve most of the problems presented. However, the controls can take the fun out of it from time to time, get a little awkward or get stuck in certain situations like jumping or rope climbing.

Source: Stella/Voxel

The good thing is that failing somewhere due to the difficulty of the commands is not a huge headache, because when you die, Shane automatically returns to the last place he was, so you no longer have to go through several parts to succeed. Continue playing the match.

Disadvantages of Utopia

Unfortunately, it is a utopia Hazel sky There are some points that need to be improved. In addition to the above-mentioned difficulties related to the presentation of the story, very long texts and controls, the game has errors in several parts, for example, strange camera angles when the main character is in the water.

Source: Stella/Voxel

The voice acting isn’t the best, Shane seems to lack emotion in certain scenes, especially the one where he discovers a very important detail about his own history.

And its very short duration of around two and a half hours may be a disadvantage for some players, mainly because there isn’t much reason to play it more than once.


Source: Stella/Voxel

Despite these problems, it is worth noting that Hazel sky It was created by an independent studio with only six people, which is definitely not easy.

So, if you’re looking for a more relaxing and fast-paced adventure with lots of fun puzzles, you can check out this indie title and support our national gaming industry.

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