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In 2022, the Brazilian gaming community has reached a greater volume 100 million playersreached 5th place in the world rankingAccording to research published this week by Newzoo. Among these millions, 1 in 3 users of the game have already received a cheat attempt in online games.

This is not uncommon, especially when you consider that about 80% of these users are considered enthusiasts, that is, users who participate in games by playing games, exploring videos, their own consoles or accessing gaming platforms.

Steam alone receives more than 20,000 contributions per day aims to restore the account. be for Phishing or Social engineeringThe main goal of these scams is the data in the user’s accounts, such as credit card numbers, the balance in the account itself or even confidential information that gamers have to sell them on hidden forums or to carry out other scams.

My Steam account has been stolen, what should I do?

“If it becomes clear that someone has used your Steam account, through login warnings or the detection of suspicious behavior, it’s important to remain calm in an effort to protect your data,” says ESET Information Security Specialist Daniel Barbosa.

The first step is to change the password.. Doing so will disable all other connected devices, including the fraudster’s. This can be done in the Steam app or site. Just have access to the email or phone number associated with the account.

If the person no longer has access to the account because the fraudster changed the password first or for some other reason, get in touch Steam support should be immediately. To access the Service, you must submit some Proof of account ownershipsuch as previously used payment information details.

When recovering an account, it’s best to verify that something was purchased on behalf of the account without consent. This way it is possible to understand what was compromised in the account. If you have an unrecognized purchase, the platform itself provides an internal reporting tool for suspicious spending.

What are the consequences of hacking my Steam account?

“It’s important for the user to write down information that attackers might have access to after logging into their account to predict what might happen. For example, information such as full name, contact information or bank numbers may be used by criminals in the future to carry out new frauds through phishing,” emphasizes Barbosa.

After restoring the account, the user should take into account what may be compromised, that is, it is not only about viewing purchases in the account, but also in the applications of the cards registered in it. By saving this option to save payment forms to make purchases easier for customers, access to cards and bank details will also make it easier for criminals.

It is recommended to monitor bank accounts that are registered steam account. It’s also worth noting that it’s recommended to change your email/password for accounts on other Steam-related services, e.g. disagreementwhich can become a possible access bridge to other accounts that also have sensitive data of customers.

Here are some tips to avoid scams:

– change the current password to a strong password that has not been used to access another service and use a password manager;

– Activate the so-called two-step authentication system steam guard. This option adds an extra layer of security so that the user is not dependent on the password alone. In this way, when you log in on a device that is not designated as “trusted” or that you have not logged in before, the player will receive a one-time code, either by email or in the mobile application;

– Watch out for suspicious communications claiming to come from Steam. According to users and the company itself, this is a strategy often used to steal accounts;

– It is important to have a reliable security solution that protects both mobile and desktop devices, as these tools help detect malicious activity early.

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