Halo Infinite: The content leak has been removed from the main campaign

Weapons, enemies and even a rhino were found in the game files

Last week’s report Leaks_Infinite New information has been leaked Content removed from the main Halo Infinite campaign. As a result of the leak, the story in Zeta Halo will have more varied weapons, enemies and fauna. The page claims that the files have been removed from a Built from May to November 2021. As a result, additional content was apparently dropped closer to the launch of the game.

Players could face a different variation of the enemy, the so-called Destroyer. A kind of bipedal rhinoceros with armor. The monster modeling and animation looks very perfect and according to the Leaks_Infinite page, Enemy has “too many lives”indicating that it would be difficult to defeat the monster.

In other postsSeveral weapons lifted from Halo Infinite have been revealed, including an impressive Incinerator Cannon. Many of the featured weapons are gear available in Halo 5 and may have remained in the archives, or were actually intended to appear in the game.

The fauna of Halo Infinite would be exciting

Development of Halo Infinite has been very difficult, with many delays to its release. It was a game Big Game Pass moment in late 2021, came out without cooperation. THE The co-op campaign that was promised after the game’s announcement arrived more than six months later. Co-op came without matchmaking features, and developer 343 Industries encouraged the use of Discord for players to play against other players.

All of this points to problems with the game, but according to some of the game’s first trailers, The fauna of the Zeta halo would be more abundant. This is confirmed by the leak that reveals Rhino model in game files. Since this is the last one built, we can believe that some of the fauna were not ready for release and were removed.

From the tweet above, we can see that the Rhino is not fully animated and modeled, unlike the Crusher and the weapon. We don’t know if some of this deleted content will be featured in any future Halo Infinite DLC. There is also an option to implement weapons in game seasons for multiplayer.

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