Halo Infinite: Studio Founder Apologizes for Offensive Cosmetics

Bonnie Ross, founder of Studio 343 Industries, has gone public Apologize for the incident Happened Halo Infinite, The latest title in its famous FPS franchise. Commemoration Date of JuneOn the national holiday that symbolizes the end of slavery in the United States, cosmetics were added to the game, and players did not have much time to notice a problem with this item – which indicated a bonobo, a species of chimpanzee.

“We learned that the palette version for our Juneteenth emblem contained a term that was offensive,” Ross said in a Twitter post. He said his team quickly changed the name of the cosmetics color palette, changing the term “freedom” through an update.

Ross also claimed to be a studio and franchisee Halo They are very inclusive, “where everyone is welcome” and are encouraged to be “their true selves”. He took advantage of a post on social media to apologize to fans for “turning the moment of celebration into an offensive moment.”

The situation started on game announcements and on the news screen, where the message invited fans to join the studio to “celebrate freedom” and announce that all players who enter this week will receive a commemorative title and emblem. After extracting items and equipping the Juneteenth board, players discovered this The title of the color palette was “Bonobo”.

YouTuber Sean Wye posted a video where he drew attention to the problem. “I do not think this is a coincidence … I do not even know what to say,” he said during a recent upload to his channel. “This is obviously racism,” said the creator of the content, which often posts videos about it. Halo Infinite.

Following the renaming of the item and Ross’s announcement on Twitter, the franchise’s official profile changed the studio’s founder’s message, but did not comment on the matter on social media.

Halo Infinite It has versions for Xbox and PC consoles.

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