Halo Infinite is coming to PC in March 2023

The technology will debut with the third season of the Microsoft game

During last Thursday’s AMD Presents event (3), 343 Industries has revealed that it will bring ray tracing capabilities to the PC version of Halo Infinite. The announcement was made by Scott Herkelman, senior vice president and general manager of AMD’s Graphics Business Unit, who emphasized that the game will benefit from the power of the company’s new graphics cards.

Halo Infinite will support Ray Traced shadows in Arena and Big Team Battles modes“- explained Herkelman. According to the executive, anyone who bets on a new AMD GPU will also be able to Take advantage of features such asImproved lighting, sharper shadows and improved performance By accelerating ray tracing.

Despite this, Features should not be exclusive to the manufacturer’s hardware, which can be used by those with NVIDIA and Intel GPUs. According to him, it will be updated with the new graphics resources of Halo Infinite It will arrive in March 2023Along with the premiere of the game’s multiplayer third season.

Halo Infinite is getting some big changes soon

During AMD’s presentation, Herkelman also revealed that the company is working on technical partnerships for future releases such as abandoned and Callisto protocol. The company will also help Ubisoft develop the next generation of the Snowdrop engine, which is used in games such as division and Mario + Rabbids: Sparks of Hope.

In Halo Infinite, the ray tracing features will be used by DirectX and, at least for now, There is no prediction that they will come to the Xbox Series X|S. The developer behind the game, 343 Industries, is currently working on a number of changes to ensure it remains relevant in the coming months.

From November 8 The game will contribute to a major overhaul of its experience system, providing players with rewards at a more frequent rate. The changes come amid a period of studio renewal that saw much of Microsoft’s direction change, given the company’s dissatisfaction with Infinite’s commercial performance.

Microsoft will be disappointed with the state of Halo Infinite

Microsoft will be disappointed with the state of Halo Infinite
The company scrambled 343 industry structures to try to recoup the losses caused by the game.


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