Halo Infinite gets 120Hz performance mode on Xbox Series S

Higher rates are achieved only in more closed areas on the map

To the fans Halo Infinite Who has Xbox Series S Now we have another graphic quality option because 120 Hz Released for the title on the cheapest console of the new generation. The 120 Hz option is available in both Campaign How many ways Multiplayer in Infinite Halo.

Although there is an achievement-oriented mode 120 FPSIn the campaign, the game reaches between tempo 80 and 90 FPS In more open areas, the maximum rate is reached in the building.

In multiplayer mode, when there are many players on the screen, the performance also goes around 90 FPSAt the rate 120 FPS Achieved on smaller maps and fewer simultaneous player screens.

In addition, the game resolution decreases during gameplay, reaching up to 540p, so performance is maximized.

Watch the video of the speed analysis of the footage, published by the channel below VG Tech At YouTube.

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Recently 343 Industry, Developer Infinite Halo, Launched the second season of the multiplayer mode, introduced several new features in the game, including a new combat pass, which even brought the famous Clip To Microsoft Office Before the game.

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The company acknowledged that the new season did not arrive as planned, with volatile releases, and has already promised to work on improvements and changes to fix the second season. Halo InfiniteConsider some of their launch options.

What do you think about the quality shown in the video? Try the new 120Hz mode? Share your opinion in the comments!

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