Halloween: Discover the best horror games to enjoy on your date

Halloween is almost here and there’s nothing better than spending a few sleepless nights playing a horror game to warm up your date. Check out this list of the best horror games for Halloween.

Resident Evil 7

One of the scariest in the Resident Evil saga is undoubtedly Resident Evil 7. RE7 manages to bring the same sense of dread that we felt in the first Resident Evil to this generation of consoles.

not sure Watch the trailer:

And if you want even more from the franchise, you can continue your adventure in Resident Evil Village, a direct continuation of the RE7 story.

before dawn

Dawn of the Game has the feel and nostalgia of classic horror movies where a group of teenagers go to a cabin in the middle of nowhere for the weekend, but it ends up going really bad when some maniac hunts them down. And the best? It is interactive, that is, you can choose several character lines and actions.

Without a doubt, the weirdest part is when the game breaks the fourth wall with a psychologist talking directly to the gamer. This is a must-have title for horror fans.

evil within

The creator of the Resident Evil franchise left Capcom and decided to create his own studio, and with him came one of the best horror games: The Evil Within, the game has some features similar to the first games in the Resident Evil franchise, but it elevates it. Terror on another level.

In The Evil Within, a supernatural threat turns humans into bloodthirsty creatures. The game incorporates the classic Japanese horror slasher genre of classic films such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre into its narrative. This recipe is sure to put you to sleep for a while!

hold on

This is one of the classic horror games, in Outlast all you can do is run and hide! The gamer takes on the role of a journalist who breaks into a private mental hospital after complaining that patients there are being treated inhumanely. He goes to the place to invest and only has a camera to record the events.

Outlast is the type of game that cannot be forgotten. Unless you want to spend some sleepless nights, playing Outlast is not a good option!

quiet hill

Still following in the footsteps of the classics, we have Silent Hill, the main character of the game is Harry Manson, the adoptive father of a seven-year-old girl named Cheryl.

They go on vacation to the town of Silent Hill, but get into a car accident on the way. Harry wakes up to find his daughter missing in a fog-shrouded city.

He doubles down on trying to find his daughter, but what he doesn’t know is that Silent Hill holds many dark secrets.

After years of waiting, fans of the franchise will finally get a continuation of the story. A trailer for a new franchise game was released recently. Check:


Sensation of the moment is phasmophobia. The game just arrived and is already a huge success. The game has a hair-raising Outlast style feel to it, but lucky for you, you won’t be alone! The game is cooperative where you and your friends hunt ghosts.

The title is playable in VR and uses voice chat to communicate with hunting buddies or the evil spirits themselves.

So, dear gamer, what other best horror games were left off this list?

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