[Guia] How to get all Stray trophies

Stray has arrived on PlayStation and trophy collectors follow the adventures of a kitten who must return to the paws of his family. Players can conquer everything in two games and only one achievement is “missed” in gameplay.

There are 25 titles to reach the coveted platinum: eight bronze, nine silver and seven gold. The task takes about eight hours and has no online missions. Now you should pay attention to some tips:

  • Stray has 12 chapters and 67 collectors. There’s a chapter selection system, so it’s easier to revisit them to conquer them all;
  • For the first time, enjoy the game, explore a lot to get all the items in the scenario, and leave only the “quick” trophy for a separate completion;
  • The missing trophy is “Quick”, where it is necessary to complete the game in less than two hours. It’s interesting to set aside a session just to do this task and skip all dialogue;
  • “Quick” trophy scenes are mandatory and affect the final time. If you do everything at the right pace and avoid unnecessary defeats, the objectives can be completed in 1 hour 30 minutes, leaving a minute for possible problems.

Stray’s Trophies

Everything is done

Unlock all trophies.


happy! You can roar all you want, you’re a real fusfus.



100 times.


Press “o” a thousand times for meow. This can be done at any point in the game and only takes two minutes to complete.



Jump 500 times.


Just press “X” and jump over the objects in the given scenario. This rogue trophy is unlocked through the first playthrough. It is already possible to conquer it in the tutorial of chapter 1, where the sequence jumps are taught.


Productive day

Sleep for more than an hour.


Throughout the game, there are several places where the cat can sleep. In Chapter 4, after meeting the Guardian, go to the left side of the NPC and look for Morusk. On the side of the robot is a place where you can press “triangle” and sleep. Leave the cat there for an hour and do not stop the game.

Moruski in the tramp


was buried

Bury the basketball


In Chapter 4 of Stray, after meeting the Guardian, go right and you’ll find a basketball. Roll up the object to drop it in the trash. If you don’t reach the goal, restart the game to try again.


don’t hold me

Complete the first back chase without getting caught


Zurx’s first stray chase takes place in Chapter 2. After meeting the robot in its last moments, you hunt these yellow creatures. Move in a zigzag motion by moving the cat from left to right.

I’m going up: If the game asks you to press “O” while chasing, Restart the task Because you cannot run away from your enemies.


Cat Stealth

Make your way through the city center unnoticed by the sentinels.


Save the checkpoint before starting this mission in Chapter 10. It is not difficult to identify the behavior of drones because they have a pattern. Then watch and reset their progress when their tracking light changes color to yellow or red.

The trophy is only unlocked after leaving Clementine’s apartment before entering the nightclub, so be careful as cars will follow the cat’s entire course. Check out the PowerPyx video below:


Life is over

Die nine times.


In Stray, a cat does not lose a life when falling from high places, and it only happens in combat. This is easiest to do against backs, so when you find them, let them knock you down and come back until you have nine kills.



Shred the nightclub vinyl


In Chapter 10, after entering the nightclub, go to one of the bar tables and look for a vinyl record. Pick it up and bring it to the DJs table to mix with cat paws. Here’s how to run it:


a pacifist

Go through the sewers without killing your back


This rogue trophy can be obtained in Chapter 8. Don’t use the flashlight (L1) on the backs, just run away from them without eliminating them and the objective is complete. Pressing “O” to avoid enemies and throw them into the water does not count as a kill.

It is also possible to return to checkpoints if they are accidentally dropped.



Complete the game in two hours.


12 chapters can be completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes. If necessary, after creating a file for a new game, save it to a USB device or to the cloud via PS Plus. Dialogue and cutscenes affect the final score, loading screens on the other hand do not.

Avoid dying too many times and watch out for Chapter 11 where you have to catch two planes in one place. You can check the minutes spent by viewing the saved file on the main screen.


A missed jump

Fall into the city.


The trophy is unlocked by completing Chapter 2 of Stray’s story.



Find B-12.


Opens in Chapter 3 after first meeting B-12.


Did the cat eat your tongue?

Ask B-12 to translate the robot.


Unlocked in Chapter 4 after talking to the first robot.

30 Podium

Arrival in the city center


Opens in Chapter 10 by entering a neon-lit street market.



Go to the chair


Opens after chapter 10, beginning of chapter 11.


opening the eyes

Complete the game and unlock the city


Unlocks after completing all 12 chapters of Stray’s story.



Take all the scrolls to Morusque


Morusque is the same NPC you put to sleep earlier. After finding the sheet, take it and listen to all the songs play. Check out the location of the items below (via Republica DG):


Curiosity killed the cat

Use a paper bag


After talking to the guardian, go up the stairs to the left and interact with the paper bag on the floor. It is close to Morusk and just press “triangle” to place it on top.



Try playing Mahjong with robots


After completing Tramp Chapter 9 and reaching the village, go left and up until you find two robots sitting around playing mahjong. Stand on the table and open the cup.


Cat’s best friend

Bump on 5 robots


The challenge can be completed in Chapters 4 and 10, where most of the robots are in command. Another way is to do the first four found in episode 4 and go back to the last checkpoint to repeat the process with the first one. Watch the video GPAP360:


I remember!

Collect all of B-12’s memories


There are 27 B-12 memories to collect in Stray and they are scattered throughout the chapters. Some of these are naturally provided during gameplay, however, some collectibles are “experienced”. The “Gamer Guru” channel shows you where to find them:


TV nation

Go through all the TV channels


Throughout the campaign, you will encounter an NPC named Momo. Go straight and find a sofa facing the TV. Operate the controller and switch channels until the stress trophy appears in the messages.



Collect all the buttons


The cat needs to collect six buttons during the adventure. They are scattered in chapters 4, 7, 9, 10. Check out MrReign’s video location:



A scratch on every head


It’s time to get those claws out and mark the territory in the tramp. There is a specific point for each chapter. See where they are in the Stop to Reset video:

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