GTA Vice City: 10 facts you might not know about the game

GTA Vice City is one of the most famous chapters of the popular franchise Grand Theft Auto gives Rockstar Games, which is quite a feat considering how popular and well-received the games in the franchise are! Next, we will highlight 10 cool facts about the game. Do you know them all? Check it out below!

Miami weather

Let’s start with something simple that a lot of people should know, but is still pretty cool. Traditionally, the games in the series are often inspired by real cities, and Vice City, as you can imagine, used the theme of Miami. What you may not know is that the original plan was not to set the game in 1986, but to be a direct sequel to it. GTA 3 And that the city was the real Miami! Would that be even cooler?

DNA of Scar

Once the year 1986 is defined, it takes on much of the classic film aesthetic Scar It was quite a natural choice. Again, there’s a lot to know about the relationship between these two works, but it’s a little more obscure with many easter eggs hidden throughout the game! For example, as a guest Ocean coastIt is possible to enter apartment 3-C and visit its blood-filled bathroom and chainsaw in homage to the film.

Long live Ray Liotta!

An actor who died in 2022 Ray Liotta He left us but his legacy lives on forever in amazing movies and so on GTA Vice City, where he voices the game’s protagonist. As expected, Rockstar also did some nice things for the star and put some missions in the campaign with names straight from his movies, e.g. Kop land and It is not acceptable!

Content removed?

It’s hard to remember that when you’re getting such a nice, rounded, polished end product, but almost any video game you can think of has some content left out that, for one reason or another, no longer fits the story and vision being told. . In Vice Citydataminers found several audio files related to the conversation between them TOmi Vercetti and Avery Carrington by phone.

So far, nothing big except that they mention an area called the Gator Keys! All indications were that we could visit him at some point in the plot, but the plan was eventually scrapped. Learn all about it on the GTA Mythology Wiki!

GTA xxx

Whatever your favorite city is GTA, adult entertainment is always an element of adventurous nightlife. Prostitution and strip clubs are recurring themes, but sometimes the real and virtual worlds collide. For example, porn actress Jenna Jameson was honored to play virtual porn artist Candy “Candy Suxxx” Shand!

Attack of the Clone

From the highest to the lowest budget, you must have seen countless clones GTA around and even at that time Vice City It was already quite common! THE rock star It was very aware of this during development and decided to play with it a bit in the Autocide mission where you have to attack some European enemies. a joke All members of the gang are named after the characters they play in the inspired games GTA!

Awesome map!

Open world games continue to grow with each generation, but as early as 2002, when Vice City When it hit the market, his fictional Miami was impressive. If you wanted to walk from one end of the map to the other, you would have to walk for at least thirteen minutes. Now for those who like it sprintsCampaign completion records with all missions typically clock in at over two hours!

Machete Strike in Miami

We’ve already mentioned a few celebrities who appear on the streets of the game on this list, but there’s an actor so cool that he deserves his own thread. we are talking of course Danny TrejoThe eternal machete of cinemas! In the game, he played Umberto Robina, a Cuban cartel boss, a role tailored to his characteristic features and charisma.

in the moon world

While people in the real world scoff at discussing whether the Earth is flat in the middle of 2022, in the small world of Vice City we have other rules of space, such as the intriguing question of the moon. It grows as you shoot! Do not believe? Then try it! If you use the gun and fire at the moon, the satellite will grow slightly until it returns to its original size after three shots.

Big conspiracy!

And while we’re on the subject of the moon, how about visiting a movie studio and finding a whole set of footage of the man landing on the moon?! At least in the world GTA, this was all really done in the studio to fool the masses! Who would have said…

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