GTA: The trilogy is still difficult six months after its release

GTA: The trilogy is still difficult six months after its release

But a lot has improved since Rockstar Games brought the game to stores

Launched in November last year, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition will hit stores full of visual and performance issues. This did not prevent the collection from selling more than 10 million units, which exceeded the expectations of Rockstar Games, which is committed to bringing a few tweaks to the games.

While the developer kept his promise and released a few patches, The titles of the package remain in trouble six months after they reach consumers. Video posted by Digital Foundry Shows the progress the games have made since then, as well as the points where Rockstar still needs improvement.

Is among the notable improvements of the GTA Trilogy GTA San Andreas Rain Remedy, Which had previously completely blocked players ’vision. The analysis also shows that in each case Execution modeGames are over Aim at 60 frames per second Most of the time.

Not everything is positive

Another point of praise is the tweaks that have ensured that some of the oddly written names in the version of the games that hit stores are now displayed correctly. At the same time, Some mistakes remainDue to lack of investment in localization processes or the use of artificial intelligence to improve the collection.

The biggest criticism of the Digital Foundry is that before Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition Promises that there will be a “final” version of the old games, He sins a lot by preserving their original environment. Much of this stems from the fact that instead of creating from original games, The release was based on mobile versions That they have already brought their own modifications.

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As a result, not only do the characters in the game still look weird, but San Andreas and Vice City custom lighting systems no longer exist. In conclusion, Digital Foundry states that “While the artistic solutions are still somewhat questionable, there is no doubt that there was a significant improvement in the overall.“.


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