GTA 6: Xbox exec commiserates with Rockstar after leak

Last week (18) the network was surprised by several videos showing material that was clearly related Grand Theft Auto 6. Up until now, we’ve dismissed it as just a rumor, but a message posted by a Microsoft executive suggests (even more) that the stuff is real.

On her personal Twitter profile, Sarah Bond, corporate vice president of the Xbox division, After that, Rockstar expressed solidarity. in your message, He points out that it’s frustrating when you’re working on something and it hits the web before it’s ready for release.

“My thoughts go out to the team at Rockstar Games. It breaks my heart when you have a project that you’ve worked so hard on to make fans happy and it ends up being publicized and criticized before it’s ready. [Rockstar] They are creating something special and I can’t wait to enjoy it GTA 6 Back up when it’s officially announced,” Sarah wrote.

We must remember that as Take-Two A clean process has been initiated to remove this content from the networkEverything suggests that the materials are actually related to the following Grand Theft Auto.

And what was in the videos?

Although it was a more difficult task to find these materials at this stage of the championship, it was possible to visualize a Latina woman robbing the cafeteria, which suggests that we will have a female protagonist of the franchise for the first time.

It was also possible to see scenarios such as a subway station and a nightclub, all still in very early stages of development – which explains the graphics and movement mechanics without much polish.

Apparently, this data was obtained by a hacker who also had access to the source code JTA 5 And some more information from Uber. The network will most likely receive more information on this matter in the coming days, so we’ll be keeping an eye on it to stay informed.

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