GTA 6: The game will have two twins as heroes and Brazil as one of the scenarios [RUMOR]

Unofficial information comes from a well-known disclosure about GTA

Rockstar has already confirmed that it is working on Grand Theft Auto 6, probably one of the most anticipated games of all time. So far, only unofficial information has told us what to expect from the game. Now one New rumors talk about the twin characters and the situation where Brazil is one of the scenarios.

Information from Brazilian Disclosure (via Xfire), Matheusvictorbr, Which is already known for leaking GTA information. According to The story of GTA 6 will be about several twin brothersAway from the deaths of parents killed by a criminal organization in 2003. This event will be a prologue and will be held in Brazil.

The main title of the Grand Theft Auto franchise has not been outside the US and this will be the first. And it reminds me of Rockstar’s own portrait of Brazil presented at Max Payne 3 in 2012, which we did not like at all. Rockstar needs to be more careful now.

Would the first “beautiful” protagonists of the GTA 6 series have?

The probable main story of GTA 6 is now unfolding in the 2020s, when the twins meet as adults but on different sides of life. The man would be an agent equivalent to the US DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) fighting drug trafficking.

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The woman, in turn, acts alone to seek revenge for the death of her parents. For this he penetrates the cartel and dedicates himself to the ascent within the organization until he reaches the person responsible for the murder of his parents. A classic story.

Both will meet, as you can imagine, when a brother goes to fight with the organization in which he is secretly involved. The revealer says these two will meet in a “hard way”. With this topic in mind, the person in charge of the rumor says that GTA 6 will be the “first” in the industry to realistically reflect the fight against drug addiction.

Matthew says that The Grand Theft Auto 6 options will be inspired by Cuba, Colombia and Miami, As City GTA: Vice City, and will be held in the present, and not in past decades, as other rumors have suggested. The whistleblower says the same thing The release of GTA 6 is scheduled for 2024.

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Whether to believe this information is up to us, but we know that a lot of gossip goes in the right direction of reality. We still have a few years of “I told you so” if Rockstar does not speak soon and we know it is not part of the studio style.


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Via: Xfire


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