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GTA 6 received its first gameplay images this Sunday morning thanks to a massive leak (18). The materials were originally published on the website GTAForums And confirm the old reports about the Rockstar Games game. Additionally, the journalist responsible for the latest reports on the new Grand Theft Auto, Jason Schreier, says he has confirmed the material with Rockstar Games sources.

Among the details confirmed in the leak are the city the game will be set in, Vice City, and the presence of two protagonists, notably a Latin American woman, for the first time in the franchise’s history. Officially, there is not much information about the game. So far, only the development of the game has been confirmed, and there is no release date or confirmed platforms.

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GTA 6 is revealed in dozens of leaked gameplay videos — Photo: Playback/YouTube

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The leak contains more than 90 gameplay shots and screenshots showing a still-in-development version, reportedly from July 2021, with many simplified character models and unfinished textures.

In one of the videos, you can see the new hero and his partner robbing the cafeteria, calling customers and cashiers. Players are presumably free to threaten or rob NPCs with the press of a single button while aiming, as well as issue commands to another character. The police then arrive and the duo decide to steal a car to escape. According to the caption, the characters should be Lucia and Jason.

In another video, the male protagonist is seen talking to a racist NPC by a swimming pool, revealing that several lines of dialogue have already been properly dubbed into English. There are also cutscenes of the game that explore the series’ famous nightclubs and other areas of the city, such as the park. Expect more videos to hit the web soon as not all of them have been uploaded yet.

Rockstar Games has yet to officially comment on the leaked videos, but the footage is so detailed it’s almost fake, including real-time behind-the-scenes source code and even a clip straight from the set. development. . At this point, even the official name of the game has not been confirmed. It’s probably only a matter of time before the videos are picked up by Take Two Interactive, the parent company of Rockstar Games.

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along with information GTA Forums, reddit and Twitter

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