GTA 6 Leaked Gameplay; Watch the videos [RUMOR]

Dozens of development version videos have been posted on discussion forums

Dozens of gameplay videos Grand Theft Auto 6 It was announced today (18) St GTAForums by the user Teapotuberhacker. They represent the first images of the supposed heroes of the new story of GTA 6 and the visuals of the game, which is one of the most anticipated today.

Alleged videos GTA 6 is from a dev build, so they have some dev interface, in addition to not being a finished version of the game, some videos are dated 2021.

The videos indicate that the game may have two main characters, Lucia and Jason, but this is only a guess. This was indicated by the latest rumors Grand Theft Auto 6 It would have a female protagonist, there is even an actress to voice the character.

It can be seen in one of the circulated videos Lucia With the hostages in the cafeteria, who have to escape from the police. Check out the cafeteria game scene below.

See dialogues with the character Jason below.

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Rockstar Games has yet to comment on the GTA 6 leak

yet Rockstar Games has not commented on or confirmed the legitimacy of the featured images, however, the videos posted are very professional, including voiceovers and lines of code and dialogue common in the franchise’s games.

Some users collect all videos and post on it YouTube And also on other networks, check out the two compiled below.

What did you think of the alleged leak? Grand Theft Auto 6? What are your expectations for the game? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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