GTA 6 can count on the return of heroes from previous games

In recent months, several leaks have surfaced regarding the new chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Since Rockstar confirmed its production in February, there has been no official word on the story, setting, or mechanics.

A new leak may have revealed that GTA 6 will see the return of two heroes from the series.

July 8

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04 July

Reddit user GTA_VI_Leak, who is known for providing the first information that Dr Dre will be in GTA Online, said that the next chapter of the franchise will see the return of GTA IV characters Niko Bellic and GTA V’s Michael De Santa.

The whistleblower explains in his post that Niko Belich was never arrested for his crimes and his stories are still being told in Liberty City, with newspaper articles and even a documentary. His actions in GTA IV would lead to significant changes in the city’s criminal underworld, weakening all factions and bringing the von Krastenburg family to power.

Although Nico never appears in GTA V, he is mentioned by Lester in his preparation for the jewelry store heist, and in one of the stories Patrick McCreary tells you if he is part of his team in the heist. There are also other easter eggs scattered throughout the game that prove the character is alive and still in Liberty City.

The leak also hints at the presence of Michael De Santa, as his motion capture and voice actor Ned Luck recently worked with Rockstar. According to an insider, he is expected to return to GTA Online and produce a movie in Vice City.

Recently, a leak revealed that GTA 6 might have a prologue in Brazil. Informant Matheusvictorbr said that the story of GTA 6 should follow two twin brothers who were separated after their parents were killed by the cartel in 2003. The plot is set to unfold in 2023 or 2024, where the duo will meet again on opposite sides of the law.

The game will start in Brazil, and one of the twins will be an agent of the DOA, a parody of the DEA, the US Narcotics Division, and the other will be a member of the cartel that killed his parents. It is not known if both characters will be playable.

There is no release date for GTA 6, but at a meeting with investors in May, Take-Two indicated that the game will not arrive until April 2026, after several problems in its development.

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