GTA 5: The 5 Best Mods of All Time

There is still some time to go before that GTA 6 He was finally released. before that good old Grand Theft Auto V must continue to reign almost everywhere. Since its release in 2013, the game is now heading towards its tenth anniversary and has been featured in three different generations of video games since then.

With each re-release, the famous Rockstar Games title has received some improvements and innovations, including a new look and a popular mode GTA online. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more innovation, especially when it comes to business modifications made by the community itself.

The best mods for GTA V

To get the most out of your copy Grand Theft Auto V On PC, we will list some changes It’s pretty cool, which should make the game even more interesting.

GTA V Remastered: Enhanced

Source: 5mods

While the developers at Rockstar have done a great job creating Los Santos, there are those who still want a little more realism. Enter the mode GTA V Remastered: Enhancedwhich adds a lot of elements (such as palm trees, trash, chairs and even animals) to the city streets, making everything even more realistic and detailed.

Download: GTA V Remastered: Enhanced

gang and turf

JTA 5Source: 5mods

If you are a veteran of the series and miss the highlighted battles GTA San Andreas, you will probably like this mod very much. Once installed, it goes away Split Los Santos into two factionsYours is customizable. Conquering territories provides additional cash flow, so it’s always good to hit the streets and control different regions and watch out for the regaining of territories lost to the rival faction.Source: 5Mods/Reproduction

Download: Gang and Turf


JTA 5Source: 5mods

When you’re fed up and no longer willing to participate in elaborate scams and heists, maybe it’s time to turn to the side of good and… take justice into your own hands? If so, there’s no better superhero to patrol the streets than Batman! in this mode, You control the Dark Knight yourself and uses his skills to make the city less violent and dangerous.

It is worth noting that the mod is still under development, but it has already developed enough to provide good hours on the streets of Los Santos.

Download: Batman

LSPD First Response

JTA 5Source: LSPD First ResponseSource: LSPDFR/Reproduction

Now, if you really want to do justice by operating within the law, the LSPD First Response mod is one of the best alternatives. This mod literally changes the structure of the game, putting the player in the shoes of a police officer Must patrol the city streets and fight and arrest criminals. Install mod for transformation GTA V In a real police simulator!

Download: LSPD First Response


despite Grand Theft Auto V Not one of the games supported by AMD FidelityFx Super Resolution, this mod allows the title to run using scaling technology. So, for example, you can game GTA V With a refined look even using half the original resolution highresulting in a smoother gaming experience with much higher performance.

Download: GTA V FSR

But be careful! Rockstar Games may ban players who use game mods. GTA V in GTA onlineSo, if you plan to play the multiplayer version of the game, you must uninstall all mods before logging in!

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