GTA 5: 15 facts you might not know about the game

Grand Theft Auto 5 It was released a few years ago, but the game world is so vast that the community can still find curiosities, references and much more in it.

Thus, below we list 15 curiosities of Rockstar’s successful game to remember during your next wander into the world of the title or just to know more about it. Check out what they are below.

1. Are you from Brazil?

History JTA 5 takes place in Los Santos, several people appear in the streets at different times. Among them, a man walking along the main avenue between West Wynwood and Burton’s Los Santos customs office speaks loudly: “I was born in America, but I’m Brazilian at heart.” The title may not even be Tupiniquim, but it sure is a wonderful tribute to the local fans.

2. Crazy plants

(Source: Rockstar Games/Reproduction)Source: Rockstar Games

While wandering around Los Santos, you can find plants known as peyote plants that cause characters to hallucinate. After using one of them, the hero transforms into an animal and can be controlled for a few seconds. Dogs, rabbits and even birds that can fly around the city are some “mutations”.

3. Reference to San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas It’s probably one of the most memorable titles in the franchise by many, and like the fifth canonical game, it’s set in Los Santos.

To give this memory to the public, Rockstar put a street called Grove Street (where CJ, the main character’s house) in the latest game San Andreas) and even the mention of a character who sees them trying to rank gold in a mission that involves motorcycles and is very similar to the quest of the predecessor.

4. Breaking records

Some may not know or remember this, but JTA 5 It has some achievements, whatever it was Guinness World Records. The bottom line is that the title was the entertainment product that made the most in just 24 hours of marketing, and the one that crossed the $1 billion mark in less time.

5. Easter eggs for every taste

Even Jesus Christ will appear in GTA 5 (Source: Rockstar Games/Reproduction)Even Jesus Christ will appear in GTA 5 (Source: Rockstar Games/Reproduction)Source: Rockstar Games

It was to be expected in such a large world JTA 5 Had countless easter eggs on the map. It has something for every taste: conspiracy theories, aliens, ghosts, and even Jesus Christ to increase the walk and search time for those who enjoy random trivia.

6. Millionaire budget

There is no doubt about it JTA 5 It’s a pretty extensive game and has been getting new content for years since release. Proof of this is that the investment in it has remained high: 265 million USD (including production and marketing), which makes it one of the most expensive in the history of digital production and exceeds even the amount dedicated to some famous films, e.g. watchmen and Prometheus.

7. Falling into the net is public

One of the coolest items JTA 5 There is the fact that it has a fully functional social network. LifeInvader works like a kind of Facebook. Characters can access cell phones to post news reports that track the progress of the campaign and show plot-related elements.

8. Brazil: a world power?

It is not known if Rockstar wanted to honor our country or if this is just a small coincidence, but after the end of the “collapse” mission, Brazil is indicated as the third largest world power, only after the United States. and the United Kingdom, beating rivals such as Japan and Germany to follow.

9. Does your past condemn you?

We are all interested in knowing more about our ancestors and JTA 5 This would be no different. Using the website “” on the character’s mobile phone, A pretty cool thing about his origin story can be found out in the world of Rockstar.

10. Headchat with a zombie

“Brain eaters” have become quite popular in the gaming world, so it was incredible that they would somehow appear JTA 5. For example, in Vinewood there is a zombie that simulates the walk of fame – and the most interesting thing is that you can talk to it without fear of being bitten and infected.

11. Assorted generators

Currently, it is possible to find sites and services that focus on generating different names for all tastes, and this can also be seen in the Rockstar title. You can, for example, use resources like these to find baby names (go to the website “” on the character’s cell phone) and even movie synopses (just use your phone to access “www.vinewoodloglinegenerator” .com” ), but don’t expect anything too serious from them.

12. Reference Hello

We noted that JTA 5 makes certain instructions Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but it’s not the only game that has a tribute to this world. By the way, have you noticed that the Republic Space Ranger looks a lot like Master Chief, the hero of the series for Microsoft consoles?

13. Many heroes

(Source: Rockstar Games/Disclosure)(Source: Rockstar Games/Disclosure)Source: Rockstar Games

After GTA San AndreasRockstar wanted the franchise’s titles to have more than one hero, but technical limitations at the time did not allow it. The script has changed JTA 5 Thanks to technological advances and the new graphics engine of the series.

14. Giant script

Aside from all the work involved in creating the city of Los Santos, the development team spared no effort when it came to the script. During a panel at Comic Con in 2014, it was revealed that JTA 5 It was 3,500 pages long and had about 160,000 lines of dialogue – much longer than a film script, which usually does not exceed 200 pages.

15. Pleasant to all

Finally, some recent data. In April of this year, the developer removed transphobic content from the game, such as the Captain Spacey figure, which no longer includes swappable genitalia (something that was written on the box, found in E&E. ). Also, the appearance of caricatures of drag queens outside of Kakatu is disabled.

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