GRID Legends is launching a new expansion based on the story and iconic vehicles

Codemasters and EA released the last 17 days Rise of RavenwestNew story based extension for GRID LEGENDS🇧🇷 The update sheds light on the history of Ravenwest, the most infamous team in the GRID World Series, and reveals how they built their scandalous reputation through 11 new themed story experiences. Players will also be treated to four newly added classic and powerful cars as they race through updated tracks, including the sunny and treacherous city of Miami.

The third expansion in the series focuses on Ravenwest Motorsport ace driver Nathan McCain, one of the main characters in the “Run to Glory” story mode. It takes players on an epic journey, starting with the beginnings of Ravenwest, following the events that led the team to stardom and a fifth consecutive GRID World Series Championship.

The four new cars that join the eclectic roster include some of the most iconic and iconic cars – the BMW 320 Turbo group.5, Ford Mustang ’67 Fastback, Chevrolet ’67 Corvette C2 and Chrysler ’71 Roadrunner GT – representing the evolution and tone of the Ravenwest . In addition to four new track layout options for Miami, Ramps and Boost zones have also been added to existing routes. Also available in this pack are three new sponsored career events and plenty of icons, liveries and banners to use in the game.

“Through revenge, family expectations, and media criticism, the antagonist gives us the opportunity to explore his story in this new DLC. There’s more to its aggressive, win-at-any-cost racing style than meets the eye,” said Paul Lovell, Senior Game Designer at Codemasters.

“We invite players to delve into the story of one of the most interesting and controversial characters in the GRID universe, who will fight the competition and ensure the success of Ravenwest, no matter the cost.”

New from the Rise of Ravenwest pack GRID LEGENDS Available for purchase on Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. Owners of the Deluxe Edition will have instant access to this update and will be able to invite friends to play for free.

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