Graphic perfection! The Demo version of Railway Station in Unreal Engine 5 will bother you

“Is this real life? Is it just fantasy?”

We already know that the realism of Unreal Engine 5 is impressive, but we have not yet seen its full power. 3D artist Lorenzo Drago has created a scene that unfolds at a Japanese train station that actually exists. Etchu-Daimon station re-created by the artist It’s so impressive, it’s hard to say, is it animation or real footage.

On the page where he posted his creations, he says he worked on all models, textures, lighting and animation except the leaves. As already mentioned, everything works on Unreal Engine 5, with luminescent lighting.

“For this project I wanted to get as close as possible to photorealism. I used the camera to get the exact proportions and I used the reference carefully,” Drago says. The above-mentioned technique “camera matching” consists of vision correction, working with perspective, proportional placement of objects, simulation of reality.

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Lorenzo Drago says he created all the textures from scratch with the Painter app and the shots were made using VR surveillance on the example of using a camera and flashlight. The result, you can see in the video. The animation is so real that it easily forces even the most experienced gamer to see it again and again, is it real or not, so what about those who are unprepared?

The whole scene has absurdly real details. From virtually perfect lighting, to the smallest detail of the equipment, to the removal of wood, to the most distant details, to camera movement, to night lighting, to the shadows created by a flashlight, everything is incredibly realistic.

The artist says this should not be the way in the gaming industry: “I think part of it is that games need to change proportions to make objects easier to read or navigate. For this project I was able to get closer. Real proportions in everything. In addition, “The fact is that because everything is conveyed in high resolution, many ordinary artefacts are not noticeable.”

“Comparison with photogrammetry is great, but no, I was just trying to repeat the instructions as close as possible,” said the scene creator, who could not reach the actual location. “I think compared to my old projects, I was finally able to enhance my work with material and texture. It was almost an experiment, so I’m glad I reached that level of realism.”

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His work caught the attention of the Japanese: “Many Japanese on social media were surprised by my choice of this station,” said Drago. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find real shots from a Japanese station, especially now with artist’s work all over the world. Any search will lead to its creation.

Now the question that does not want to be silenced: Have you seen any flaws in the video? Comment there.

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