Gotham Knights will have no local multiplayer or crossplay

Gotham Knights will have no local multiplayer or crossplay

Knights of GothamNew super hero game Warner Bros. games, Was announced a few days ago and caused an incredible “buzz” among gamers. Aside from the fact that we already have information about its release date and co-op mode, this time the news is not so promising, but neither does it detract from the excitement for the game.

The company has revealed through itself Frequently Asked QuestionsThat the title does not offer a way crossplay Or Local / split screen cooperation.

In the trailer that came out earlier this week, we see a good deal of mechanics and gameplay unfolding between the two characters in the Batman family; Overnight And Red hat. However, even though the local cooperative ends up missing out on most games, it does crossplay Players are increasingly demanding because you will be able to play with the people who are Xbox Series Or PlayStation 5.

Also, a game that has already been proven Xbox One And PlayStation 4Also received an update from the developer which says they will no longer be designed for the previous generation, just Xbox Series X | S And PS5.

Knights of Gotham The new generation Xbox Series X | S, PlayStation 5 and PC will be released on October 25, 2022 and you can now purchase your copy by clicking here.

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