Gotham Knights: The developers claim that Batman is indeed dead and will not return to the game

The announcement came on the same day that Batgirl received an exclusive new trailer

Gotham Knights, scheduled to hit stores this October, has been posted Batman’s death at the hands of a mysterious group known as the Court of Owls. He forces it Robin, wing of the night, batgirl This is red hat band together to protect the streets of Gotham and find out how Batman met his end – which according to Warner Bros. games montreal, is definitely final.

In an interview with IGN, Creative director Patrick Redding reinforced that Batman’s death actually happened And that this is not just a prerequisite for the return of the character. According to him, once the new game credits roll in, The character will officially remain dead.

According to Redding, the only time Batman appears during Gotham Knights is during its opening, when we get to see the moment of his release. From the point where the story is explained and we control the characters, The character has a secondary role What happens in the script?

Gotham Knights got a new Batgirl video

during the interview Redding also stated that the game will not have a Joker and will only have a question mark associated with the Riddler.. Questions about a possible return of Batman make sense given that the game is directly inspired by the comics in which No character stays dead for longwith a few rare exceptions.

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This Friday (22), Warner Bros. Games Montreal has released a new Gotham Knights trailer focused on Introduce more details about Barbara Gordon, Batgirl. With a strong sense of justice, the heroine uses the symbol of the bat to give the citizens of Gotham hope that better days are ahead.

As with other characters in the game, Batgirl is loaded with special accessories and will be able to wear different outfits during her adventures. Gotham Knights is scheduled for release on October 25th of this year, versions confirmed Pracha, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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