Gotham Knights reveals more gameplay and new details about its open world

The game promises a system of investigating crimes related to the battles with its main villains

North American IGN last Thursday (1) released a preview of Gotham Knights, a new game inspired by the Batman universe. The site had the opportunity to visit Warner Bros. Montreal and talk to its developers who revealed it The title will have a day and night cycle system that is somewhat different from other games open world.

According to the developer, the title will be structured in such a way that, During the night, the player will play the role of a vigilante and fight against various villains and crime types.. During the day, it will be necessary to determine the secret identity of the protagonists, who will be found as soon as the new night period arrives New opportunities for developing narrative lines and criminal activity elsewhere in the city.

Warner Bros. Montreal also states that he wants to create a very vibrant open world in Gotham Knights, which will be Transformed by the player’s actions. The developer promises this Most of the map can be explored immediately And that as the player gains the trust of the local population, they will respond to their actions in different ways – which will also happen to Gotham’s criminals.

Gotham Knights Promises Procedural Crimes System

Game developers also promise this City crimes will be procedurally generated, which means that there will be no points on the map indicating the exact location where they occur. The company also promises to explore the investigative features of the Batman universe, which the player will have to explore to be involved in all phases of the criminal chain Until you get to the supervillains in charge of them.

Many of them appear at will during the story, as a result of which Warner Bros. Montreal calls “Nights of villains“. They will be formed by special battles with unique mechanics, and if the opponents are defeated, it is promised Major implications for the open world of Gotham.

Gotham Knights also promises a complete equipment system that Change both the cosmetic character and elemental damage of each character caused by each attack. To top it off, the game promises a looser co-op system in which Two players can share the same world without necessarily interacting with each other. With PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions confirmed, the game will hit stores on October 21st this year.

Warner Bros.  Reveals 28 costumes for the four heroes of Gotham Knights

Warner Bros. Reveals 28 costumes for the four heroes of Gotham Knights
There are many different styles of clothing.


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