Gotham Knights is getting an update with GPU optimization on PC

A new patch released this Monday promises to start fixing the game’s major issues

Warner Bros. Games released this Monday (7) a Update for PC version of Gotham Knights. In it, the company begins to fulfill its promise to improve the overall performance of the game, which hit stores marked by instability and poor use of modern hardware resources.

According to the developer, the patch “Contains more fixes for stability and post-release issues“. Among the improvements he made Introducing the latest version of the AMD FSR high-end systemwhich is now transferred 2.1.1and ensuring that NVIDIA Freestyle features work properly.

Knights of Gotham too Won a recycled storage backup system, which now contains data on DLC related to the game. Warner Bros. The games also fixed cooperative “flying cars” and brought them Various GPU optimizations for low and medium quality settings Offered by the game.

Gotham Knights should become more stable

The developer also clarified this Improved several interfaces in the game and fixed navigation problems in photo mode. In addition, it says that it has eliminated crashes when joining a friend’s Steam session and problems that can occur when equipment is destroyed.

With an approximate size of 9 GB, the new Gotham Knights patch should be just one of the first steps that Warner Bros. The game needs to be fixed. at the end of October The company said it is working on a major patch that should address broader performance issues. And should work on both the PC version and the version available for desktop consoles.

up to this point The game has already received some timely updates on PCs, most of which focused on fixing connectivity and stability issues. Also available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Gotham Knights has divided opinion Thanks to its performance issues and gameplay structure that, while reminiscent of the Arkham trilogy, deviates from it at several points.

Gotham Knights at only 30 FPS?  See the comparison on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S|X

Gotham Knights at only 30 FPS? See the comparison on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S|X
There is no performance mode in the console versions of Gotham Knights


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Source: Warner Bros. Games/Steam


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