Gotham Knights is a must for Batman fans

Gotham Knights, the next release from Warner Bros., is coming soon and will bring an unprecedented story to the Batman universe with great respect for the weight they carry.

At the invitation of WB Games Montreal, Enemy Visit the studio responsible for the game in Canada to check out some snippets of the game, and here you can find a full preview of what we think of the new title.

the world

What is worth emphasizing about Gotham Knights is the fact that the game is not set in the same universe as the Arkham series, although the affective memory of the vast majority of the public leads directly to this idea.

The unprecedented story told in Gotham Knights suggests that Batman has died under mysterious circumstances and the four heroes Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl and Red Hood feel responsible for taking care of Gotham City in his absence.

In fact, the sense of loss is palpable. Anyway, at the beginning of the game, the characters are all nervous and want to stand out as city guards in their own way. However, a move to this team is expected.

Warner Bros.

The main story begins with the quartet trying to solve the last case left by Bruce Wayne with Alfred, but nothing else is available and the connection to the Court of Owls is still a mystery.


Again, if you’re used to playing the Arkham series, you’ll feel comfortable with the combat, at least at first. However, as the game progresses, the RPG elements become noticeable, as well as the need to abuse various skills to succeed.

An image of the batgirl skill menu in Gotham Knights

Warner Bros.

There are four playable characters and, in fact, four different ways to fight crime in Gotham City.

Unsurprisingly, Nightwing fights acrobatically with a focus on speed, while also exploring leadership qualities by honing his ally’s skills. Batgirl is like Batman who uses martial arts and technological equipment, Robin was the last to work with the Bat so she was more focused on stealth, and Red Hood has different types of weapons for her weapon and even magical powers provided by her relationship with the Pit. Lazarus.

Promotional image of the four Knights of Gotham characters

Warner Bros.

You can freely switch characters in the bell tower, the group’s operations center, at any time, and progress is shared, so all characters stay at the same level throughout the game.

Armor must be crafted from resources found in-game, in chests or quests, and some are tied to specific gangs scattered throughout Gotham.

Multiplayer mode is amazingly enjoyable. One of the most amazing propositions of Gotham Knights is the ability to share the world with other players. Here, another masked vigilante fights alongside you, creating an even more cinematic experience with brilliant skills, group performers and more.

the atmosphere

Gotham City from Gotham Knights is more lively than most of the titles in the Arkham series. Of course, in previous games like Arkham Knight, there was a reason for the city to be empty, but now there isn’t. Hence, it is common to encounter civilians when fighting crime.

There are three main ways to get around, the first being the motorcycle already shown in the trailers, which is the fastest way to get around town. In addition, the player can travel across terraces using grappling hooks and specific abilities such as gliding, magic or even teleportation in Robin’s case, or simply unlocking fast travel points.

batgirl in the public image of Gotham Knights


The villains featured in the series also feature heavily in the setting, after all, the missing Batman directly affects everyone. In the snippets we were able to test, Harley Quinn’s villainous arc was suggested, using her experience to take full advantage of her absence as a vigilante, such as strange plans that elevate the character’s participation to the position of the best image. Harley Quinn in the games to date.

The bottom line is this: Gotham Knights promises to bring a rich experience as a “spiritual successor” to the Arkham series, but it goes much further, with welcome RPG elements to meet the great need for variety, given the number of characters, villains and situations available. in the game. in the match.

ᲬᘡᘡᲗᲗᲗᗢ Ტᘢᘢ

These factors come together when it comes to telling a more serious story with heavy moments of investigation and full of references for fans of the world of the hooded crusader, which is almost a police thriller. Gotham Knights officially launches on October 21st for PS5, Xbox Series, and PC.

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