Gotham Knights: Check out the worldwide press releases

A Warner Bros. release. Games Montréal proves capable of generating very divided opinions

This Thursday (20) the main machines of the international and national gaming press published their analysis of Gotham Knights. A sequel to the Arkham trilogy developed by Rocksteady, the new game brings a new cast of heroes and revamped combat systems to the Batman universe in an attempt to win over audiences.

However, it seems that the developer Warner Bros. Games in Montreal failed to fulfill its mission well, which leads to very different impressions of the game. with Average rating ranges from 67 to 69 on MetacriticThe game has been criticized for its gameplay loop and several performance issues.

At the same time, Gotham Knights took over Kudos to his story and for managing to develop the relationships between his four characters well. The visual quality of its graphics is also highlighted, although this comes at the cost of performance issues, especially in its versions. PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.

What they say about Gotham Knights

  • NME – 80:”A diamond in the rough, Gotham Knights is a blast, but it feels like it could use a little more polish.“;
  • God is a geek – 80:”There’s a lot to love about Knights of Gotham, especially its battles and crossing cities; But something is holding him back“;
  • Game informer – 73:”Gotham Knights didn’t impress me with its overly familiar objectives, battles, and activities, but it didn’t leave me.“;
  • Comics – 60:”It won’t live up to the high standards of the Batman Arkham series, but it’s still a fun game to play, especially if you just want to disable and take out some nameless baddies.“;
  • PC Gamer – 49:”Gotham Knights tries to differentiate itself from the Arkham series with new characters and a new story, but spends most of its time trying to emulate what makes those games great.“.

Gotham Knights hits stores tomorrow

Gotham Knights reviews were published a day before the game officially hits stores. With PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC versions, The title has been the subject of much debate in recent daysThanks to the decision of Warner Bros. Games limit gameplay to 30 frames per second on desktop consoles.

According to the company, the PC version doesn’t suffer from the same limitations, but you’ll need a powerful machine to take advantage of its potential – something that Reviews show that this is the result of poor optimization. The game tells the story of what happens to Gotham City after the death of Batman, which forces Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Red Hood to come together against their will.

Gotham Knights: Check out the recommended requirements for the PC version

Gotham Knights: Check out the recommended requirements for the PC version
The game will need solid hardware to run at good frame rates.


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