Gotham Knights accidentally disabled Denuvo protection on the computer

The infamous piracy protection system is now back on Steam and the Epic Games Store

Released by Warner Bros. Games Last Thursday (27), Gotham Knights first update for PC followed Disable Denuvo anti-piracy protection. While this is common in many Triple-A games, it appears to have been a developer move the result of an accident.

Proof of this is that when accessing the game on Steam and the Epic Games Store, The players once again faced a famous defense. However, it was held up long enough that the game was potentially open to hackers who could use a vulnerable copy to pirate it.

in gotham knights Denuvo appears as a layer of protection against piracy and a way to protect your systems online. While the game is essentially a cooperative adventure, the use of hacks also has the potential to detract from the players’ experience.

Gotham Knights promises performance improvements soon

Although Gotham Knights has been plagued by performance issues since its release, It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with using security software — Known to use valuable processing resources. Analysis conducted by Digital Foundry shows that even A Core i9 CPU Combined with the latest technology RTX 4090game Still has frame rate drops below 60 FPS.

Besides, The game crashing in 30fps mode also causes some problems, such as inconsistent frame rates. According to the analysis made by the car, the game It does not use the hardware resources offered to it wellAs a result, the open world experience falls short of other games with similar propositions.

Developer Warner Bros. Games in Montreal Claims to be attentive to problems reported by the publicAnd which is already preparing a big patch to deal with it in the near future. While it promises, it also deals with performance issues that are visible PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|SThe company has yet to predict when that will happen.

Gotham Knights at only 30 FPS?  See the comparison on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S|X

Gotham Knights at only 30 FPS? See the comparison on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series S|X
There is no performance mode in the console versions of Gotham Knights


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