Google Stadia will end its operations in January 2023

All customers who have invested in the platform and its games will be paid back.

O Google confirmed this Thursday (29) that Game streaming service Stadia will shut down on January 18, 2023. According to the company, anyone who has already invested in the hardware, games and DLC it offers will be refunded via the same original payment method used by each customer – a process that should be completed by mid-January.

According to the company’s general manager, Phil Harrison, although Stadia was built on a solid foundation, He never received much attention in society. “So we’ve made the difficult decision to start shutting down our streaming service.“, the executive explained. According to him, the employees who continued to work on the project will be redirected to other departments of the company.

Harrison also explained this The technology behind Google Stadia can be redirected to other Google services such as YouTube, Google Play and augmented reality applications. The company also confirmed that it will begin licensing certain solutions to partners working with the gaming industry.

Stadia’s death had been predicted for months

Signs that Google Stadia would shut down have been visible for months, especially after the company ended its game development activities. despite The company has repeatedly denied shutting down the serviceThe lack of any expansion of its infrastructure was a clear sign that things were not going well for the platform.

Despite receiving more than 100 games in its catalog in 2021, Stadia hasn’t kept up the same pace of releases in recent months. While companies like Ubisoft have continued to support the streaming platform, many major studios and independent developers have Will not consider bringing games to him.

The project joins a long list of initiatives that Google has announced as grand, but The company soon abandoned him. With the decision, the company must once and for all abandon its ambitions to become a big name in the world of gaming, at least as far as the world of desktop platforms is concerned.

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