Goodbye BioWare Points (and thanks for nothing)!

Game developers (and their publishers) in their insatiable drive to get as much as possible from users often end up with ideas that are too hard to swallow. Microtransactions, unnecessary DLCs, loot boxes… we can name a few such gimmicks, but one of the most annoying monetization techniques is to sell through your own currency, as is the case with BioWare Points.

Credit: Reproduction/BioWare

Introduced only on PC, BioWare Points was a way we could purchase DLC for the franchise’s games mass effect and Dragon Age, which from the beginning can be considered as just exchanging real money for virtual. However, there was one detail that marred the process.

The problem is that in order to purchase coin from the developer, we had to do it in packs, 800 BioWare points was the minimum offered, which would be the equivalent of $9.99. It turns out that most DLCs weren’t worth that much and so it was common for us to spend more than we wanted to, with some change always left in our accounts.

For example: if a person was interested in purchasing an extension Lord for mass effect 2, It costs 560 BioWare Points ($6.99). I want to play the DLC Omegafor mass effect 3? There goes another 1,200 coins ($14.99). Even the interactive comics that told the story of the previous game were sold like this, for 320 coins ($3.99) each.

Therefore, no matter how good financial engineering we did, we would hardly have a positive balance in our portfolios, the system always “encourages” us to buy new packages or additional content. There was still the question of how we could spend this money in the future and, in a way, that has now begun to be answered.

According to reports on Reddit, those who still have BioWare Points left are receiving an email from the studio informing them that the currency will cease to exist on October 11, 2022.

However, the statement said that due to the decision, most of the DLCs released by the company for various games will be distributed for free. This includes additional content for the following titles:

  • Dragon Age II
  • Dragon Age: Origins
  • mass effect 2
  • mass effect 3 (except multiplayer packs)

In the latter case, such packs can still be purchased with BioWare Points until the above date. After this day, content can only be unlocked with in-game credits.

Credit: Disclosure/BioWare

Admittedly, a large portion of the community won’t even benefit from the goodies offered by BioWare/EA. who is interested Dragon Age He probably already acquired the most complete versions of the medieval RPG, with the same reasoning for the space opera of Commander Shepard and co. Besides, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Already brought most of these DLCs.

Even so, at a time when companies are removing their games from some digital stores or preventing us from accessing additional content, there’s no way we can’t see this release as a positive. However, I still believe that the best thing about this story is an ending as offensive as BioWare Points.

I have always considered it absurd to stick a few cents in our virtual accounts, funds that we may not need individually, but have already been received by companies and precisely because they do not make the slightest effort to return such funds. we.

As for BioWare Coins, I haven’t been able to figure out what happens to the money left in the wallets. Ideally, this amount will be credited to our EA accounts, especially since with series DLCs, Dragon Age and mass effect Given free, there aren’t many options left to spend those points.

I hope this practice goes away from the industry and companies allow us to only spend what each DLC is really worth. As if all the absurd monetization methods out there weren’t enough, losing money because we just don’t have anything to spend, we really don’t need to.

Credit: Playback/Dori Silver/Half Bit

PS: For those who want to take advantage of the offer, just go to the game’s relevant page on Origin, go to the Extra Content tab and click the extension button to add them to your account. This process worked for me mass effect 2But it didn’t work Dragon Age II. The system may be experiencing some instability, so it’s worth keeping an eye on it.

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