GoldenEye 007 and fans did not deserve to return

The wait is almost over! After years of clamoring for a re-release of one of the most important FPS of all time, Rare has finally announced that Golden Eye 007 returns. However, what should only be cause for celebration served to show that sometimes the games industry is too complicated.

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The long-awaited announcement for much of the community came during a Nintendo Direct held on Tuesday (13), when the Japanese manufacturer announced The arrival of the classics to the Nintendo Switch Online service. It was soon reported that the same thing would happen to the Xbox One and Xbox Series S|X, but that’s when the complaints started.

According to the franchise’s official website, online matches would only be supported on Nintendo devices, while Microsoft video games would run in full 4K resolution glory. Also, on Xbox Golden Eye 007 It will be available in a 16:9 aspect ratio, with a more constant frame refresh rate, as well as reach support that can be used using both analog sticks.

Many wondered why the two versions were so different. Would the producers negotiate (and in some cases give) so that both could access the game? Since it was originally published by Nintendo and developed by a studio that is now owned by Microsoft, would these “mutations” be what allowed the title to be released again?

Because according to The Verge website, the answer will be how versions are handled. After contacting the owners of Rare, they informed that the lack of online multiplayer on Xbox is due to the different values ​​of the games. While Rare would do a faithful recreation of the game, the Switch would only mimic the original. And finally, the site editor used twitter to reveal that Microsoft has no plans to add online matches to its version.

However, this does not explain the lack of online multiplayer, as the graphics released by the studio are much more similar to the original game, only with a new aspect ratio. Check out the images at this link, with the intro available in the remaster coming soon for the Xbox 360 along with images.

Credit: Disclosure/Rare

After mysteriously appearing online in 2021, the game was created by Ross Bury and Mark Edmonds around 2006. Although the project was played almost to completion, a stroke of the top executive prevented its release.

So when the re-release was rumored, fans began to dream that Rare would take advantage of the artwork, but now we know that won’t be the case. The question that remains is what led them to abandon a game that only needed a few tweaks to complete and could have a higher visual quality than what we’re getting now.

In addition to speculation, it also caught my attention how Microsoft decided to honor those who own a large collection related to their studio’s past. The company said in a statement that “players who have a digital copy A rare repeat — A collection of 30 classic games from the award-winning studio behind Golden Eye 007 Original — you will be able to download and enjoy the game for free.”

That is, unless there was a miscommunication with whoever owns the physical copy A rare repeat Will not be allowed to increase the package with this classic. Honestly, I don’t know if this is a technical limitation, but since the collection installs the titles individually on consoles, we disc owners can also thanks to this little gift?

Well, the announcement that this remaster Golden Eye 007 Being available to anyone who subscribes to Game Pass helps reduce the problem significantly. However, if the game doesn’t end up being added to my account when I restart, I’ll certainly be disappointed that I’m “left behind”.

Credit: Disclosure/Rare

However, despite all the problems this comeback has Golden Eye 007 Presented, I still think it’s great to have access to such an incredible title. Although this remake was released for the Wii (and later remastered GoldenEye 007: Reloaded) was cool, very different from the original, and so we wanted something more faithful to something that would only happen now.

Unfortunately, those playing on one of the Xboxes will be left out of online matches, and Switch players won’t have access to various enhancements to Microsoft’s video games. That will be the price to pay to be able to enjoy this work of art, a price that will cost us because the industry doesn’t respect its past the way we, the fans and consumers, do.

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