Goldeneye 007 25th Anniversary Event had a cooperative with separate screens

Among the attractions were game developers

The 1990s were marked by the “coop on the couch” experience of the consoles of that time. Although computers already had several shooter titles, the Nintendo 64 received the Goldeneye 007 in 1997, the father of FPS consoles. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the gameCenter for Computer History of England, Held the event in the presence of the developers, in addition to allowing you to play the Rare title multiplayer on four different screens.

The Nintendo 64 brought some fun games that used four controllers. Golden Eye 007 He had a unique multiplayer at the time that divided the screen into four, but you could always see where your opponents were and they also knew where you were going. To solve this, the game celebration event divided each multi-game screen into its own TVs, as shown in the video above.

The event was held this weekend, in person and was sold out before the show. In addition to allowing longtime fans to experience the Goldeneye 007 multiplayer in a completely different way, the event brought together the original game developers, as well as presenting previously seen documents and concept art about the N64 shooter.

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The Goldeneye 007 25th Anniversary Exhibition also made available a remake of the game, which was designed for the Xbox 360, and canceled that its game was on the ground. Both the original game and the remake were running on the original hardware. Goldeneye 007 ROM for Xbox 360 has long been available on the internet and there are several videos of the game running on the emulator.

Goldeneye 007 paved the way

Undoubtedly, Goldeneye 007 was an important milestone for first-person shooters on the console. By 1997, PC already had many titles in the genre and was the main platform for this type of game. Of course, managing James Bond only by analogy, except with the help of the C keys (those yellow arrows), does not even compare to a combination of mouse and keyboard.

But the truth is that back then no one cared and the game became one of the biggest classics in the industry. Two years later, the first medal of honor came for the PlayStation. Sony’s console, with its Dual Shock controller, which is much better than the N64 controller, at the time completed the consolidation of the FPS genre on consoles, but the EA title did not have as much fun cooperation as the Goldeneye 007.


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