Golden Japan is the DLC for Horizon Chase Mobile

Game Drops received this information on April 28 about the expansion. We publish now. Golden Japan is the DLC for Horizon Chase Mobile. Check.

Developer AQUIRIS is pleased to announce that GOLDEN DLC JAPAN (Trailer) Now available Horizon Persecution Mobile edition. Players can purchase it from the game store BRL 10.90. Running Week, Golden Japan Will be sold together 50% discount.

With this new content AQUIRIS wants to join the celebration Golden Week And bring the community closer together Horizon Persecution Impressive Japanese architecture, colorful gardens and beautiful landscapes and more. Players will be able to get a new car Jeja Viu, Fast and easy to process, which is a reference to the famous racing anime themed song. In addition, the package also includes 4 opening skins and 9 new tracks.


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Golden Japan is the DLC for Horizon Chase Mobile. Photo: Disclosure

Look at what is happening

9 new hints

Discover and defeat the fastest rivals on three tracks in Tokyo, two in Kyoto, three more in Yas Valley and one in Sapporo.

4 new beautiful skin

Defeating rivals on the Golden Tracks JapanPlayers unlock 4 amazing and unique skins.

Horizon Persecution Is a game inspired by the big hits of the 80s and 90s: Out Run, Lotus Turbo Challenge, Top Gear (SNES), Rush and more. In Horizon Persecution, Each spin and each spin recreates classic arcade games and provides unlimited speed fun. Stand on the gas and enjoy the game! For more information about Horizon PersecutionVisit the game’s official website:

Founded in 2007, headquartered in Porto Alegre and with a current team of 160 people, AQUIRIS is recognized as one of the most talented game developers in Latin America. From the very beginning, AQUIRIS aimed to develop high-tech quality games, amazing graphics and a focus on player fun, develop its own IPs, or co-develop games with global publishers.

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