going to go! Shadow Warrior 3 will leave the PS Plus Extra/Deluxe catalog tomorrow

There is no timeline for when the game will return to the service.

New Game station Plus will have the first write-off in the catalog that lays out the plans additional and Deluxe (This is premium In countries that have streaming), the game Shadow Warrior 3 The catalog will be leaving tomorrow – July 5th – and players who wish to continue playing the game will need to purchase PlayStation Store for BRL 249.50. Unlike games that come from a catalog Xbox Game Pass and PC Game PassA Sony We do not offer discounts on games that leave the catalog.

Although it seems that the game, developed by digital return, It stayed in the new catalog for a while PS Plus – The game was in the Brazilian catalog for less than a month – the title was released after it entered the catalog. PS now In March of this year, before the unification PlayStation PlusSo players from countries that had PS now were able to enjoy the title longer in the catalog.

To learn more about the title, you can check out our review. Click here.

Check out the launch trailer below. Shadow Warrior 3

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“Shadow Warrior 3 takes the unprecedented first-person shooter series to a whole new level with fast-paced gunplay, intense combat, and a spectacular freestyle racing system.

Fallen corporate warlord Lo Wang and Orochi Zilla, his former employer-turned-enemy and later partner, embark on a dubious quest to capture an ancient dragon that has been unwittingly released from its eternal prison. Armed with a ferocious array of knives and bullets, Lo Wang must traverse the uncharted reaches of the world to find the dark beast and contain the apocalypse once again. For that, he’ll need the mask of a dead god, a dragon egg, a magic touch, and enough firepower to stop the impending cataclysm.”

You played Shadow Warrior 3? I wanted it to stay in the catalog longer. PS Plus? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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