God-Machine, a BR game, wins the International Award for Best Action Game

Brazilian indie game God is the machine Sunday (23) received the award for best action game at the Overcome Film Festival International Awards. Games and independent films from around the world compete in dozens of categories in the event, which has been held annually since 2017.

I have a diploma of the beast. (Image: Disclosure)

Overcome has awarded Brazilian films and documentaries in the past, but never a game shot in Brazil. In other words, this is an unprecedented and historic fact for the national games development scene.
The victory was met with great celebration by the members MNSTR Studio, located in Sao Paulo. This is the first commercial game developed by the Sao Paulo team and there are already high expectations for it as God-Machine performs well at international events.


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Scene (Image: Reproduction Youtube/God-Machine)

“We put our game in the spotlight by participating in such ceremonies. Previously we were nominated for the best Brazilian game at a major festival and are among the selected games at the Dreamhack indie event on Steam. Not to mention the spread of the game in European countries like Sweden, Finland and Slovakia.

Scene (Image: Reproduction Youtube/God-Machine)

To world domination!” jokes Jonathan Vincent, the studio’s marketing manager.
The God-Machine is slated for a September 2023 release, but it’s already out
Free demo on STEAM. There you can get a taste of what the title suggests.

Scene (Image: Reproduction Youtube/God-Machine)

You control Kanshi, a robot samurai who needs to survive in crowded arenas
Evil enemies in the style of the best rogues. In his hand is an electric katana sword
To begin with, you have to defeat your opponents in the most modern way
of conversation. As you progress through battle, new weapons expand your visceral arsenal


Check out the latest trailer for God-Machine


The art director talks about influences

Fernando Rizzato, the game’s co-founder and art director, explains that the team’s influence
In games, comics, anime and other media, it culminated in the unique style of the God-Machine.
The artistic vein is so distinctive that Fernando himself is the composer of the soundtrack.
Mind-blowing heavy metal.

To see what we have so lovingly created is such an acknowledgment
A feeling that cannot be described. I have Rafa (Sato) and Thiago (Freire).
Partners for several years, in addition to having a dozen talented collaborators
Working on this and other projects that MNSTR is preparing
“, which indicates the future
Keeps even more news on the horizon for MNSTR.

Some of the team members behind the work

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