Glauco Long, the character’s director, talks about the game’s violence and suffering

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Callisto protocolA new side horror game Glen SchofieldA recognized co-creator dead space, attracted attention even before its release. Promising a lot of hills and violence, the game is very Brazilian Glauco Longi As a character director who in an interview Legion of HeroesHe talked a little more about what it was like working on space horror and gore on this project.

in conversation Fernando MaidanaLong reinforces this “Video games allow you to explore entertainment in a way that cinema cannot”Because it allows for much greater immersion in the story.

“In a way, you’re stuck with the main character. So you live this story, experience these moments. And if we can get into your head, we manipulate it with fear, with visuals. Not to mention much longer lasting. ” explains.

different than dead spacein which death becomes increasingly grotesque, Callisto protocol Trying to bet on a more realistic path – though he uses fear and dread when it makes sense in the story:

“We care about what’s more realistic, but of course we’re going to have a little fun with ways to kill the player.” jokes Long. “And that’s how he kills his enemies too! It has some fun and interesting ways. As for terror, it is involved in several ways. Gore, atmosphere, scares are the tools we have at our disposal to make this experience fun for the player. We don’t stop breaking up because we want a more rolling game. This happens “naturally”, as a result of actions in the game. I think it has a little bit of everything and I hope it’s in the right proportion.”

One of the grotesque creatures in the game

Commenting on how character designs evolve as the game evolves, Long says that there is always a purpose behind the creation:

“Some are preconceived and implemented because they already have an interesting look, while others develop as we observe the environment. So we looked at what the narrative requires: “I need this character to have a certain behavior, he needs a deformity, for example.” So we got a look that makes sense for him to act like that. Several creatures have changed appearance during the game. “Put another arm, make it more grotesque, kiss it””

When asked why we always see tentacles in space jobs, Long argues that the answer lies in an anatomical difference that causes discomfort.

“It’s interesting about space terror. I think these tentacles, the tail, bring a different movement. It is fluid, but very different from what a person would do. So mixing human anatomy with tentacles creates this chaotic, grotesque, uncomfortable thing.”

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Callisto protocol is scheduled for release December 2Available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series S and X, and PC.

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