Ghost-like developers Ashen are revealing behind the scenes of their new action RPG

Another soul-like open world on the road

There are several titles that are inspired by what Hidetaka Miyazaki created in his games with FromSoftware. One of them is Ashen, and the game’s back studio, A44 Games, is working on a similar ghost called. Flintlock: Dawn Siege. The studio has released a video showing the environment, gameplay and developer comments.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, originally announced in March, with several screenshots and cinematography, now gets more details about the creation of its universe. “We are creating huge worlds. We really want to encourage exploration in the underground, underground, up to the peaks, in the castles. There is always something hidden and we want to reward players who seek out these secrets,” said Art Director Robert Bruce.

A44 Games’s new action RPG will have an open world divided into three parts. “Each zone has its own unique atmosphere and architectural style,” explains Stephen Chen, the artist in charge of the game environment. Robert Bruce says all environments are designed to relate to place identities such as history and influence.

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As for the environment that includes nature, Stephen Chen says New Zealand is the inspiration for the team. “We want to bring players an amazing native New Zealand environment […] “We did a lot of research on New Zealand, geography, local trees, plants and even local creatures like Pukeco and Moa.”

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn takes a very different approach to Ashen, visually speaking. While the title released in 2018 has an artistic style that is more geared towards drawing, the new game from A44 Games has a more realistic appeal.

The artistic director explains that the team worked hard to bring realism to the characters as well, and not just the setting. The game will feature the Gods, and Robert Bruce says the team wants “every meeting to be special.” Stephen Chen argues that each god will be unique, physically great, “players will connect that the gods are the enemies they cause.” Will they be battles in the style of Miyazaki games? If so, look forward to it.

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Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn has no release date yet, but it is promised this year and will be released on PC and Xbox with the release of Game Pass, in addition to the PlayStation consoles.


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