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13 amazing years of the famous F1 franchise!

It all started with that Codemastersat the end of years 90 and the beginning of the years 2000The world’s most famous motorsport has been brought to video games, making it possible to experience the feeling of being there F1Even in a very basic way.

The goal of fun has become the focal point of the franchise, following the difficulty of driving Form 1 It will make such an experience disastrous and frustrating. Between reaching super speeds, causing irreparable damage to cars, there were still countless braking mistakes and quick thinking decisions that could be the difference between success and failure.

With this in mind, the format it uses Codemasters Over the years of franchise development, today we offer thousands Gamers, the ability to control an F1 car – be it the steering wheel or the steering wheel – with speed and composure. And this has been a crucial factor in gaining the attention and passion of those who (like me) are excited about each release of the successor, year after year.

Form 1 It was once a game that you either love it or hate it, and the difficulty of the time may have kept a lot of people out of the club. But things have changed a lot in the last few years.

In addition to promoting motoring and providing people with entertainment, F1 in the real world develops better brand awareness and relationships with the public. It has helped a lot in attracting new fans to the sport and also in general teaching what it really is and how it works on and off the tracks.

Before I start, I want to clarify that F1 It’s a sport, it might even seem a little strange to have a car involved in the middle, but just like in football or basketball, the goal is the same; Achieve results and be the best. And as some use the narrative that “every year has a Form 1 And it’s more of the same,” you can’t change the rules of the sport. Or do you expect us to see F1 with drivers using Motos? or ships? It can’t be, can it?

This is part of the whole, after all, annual updates do not lead to games that are very important from year to year and F1 2022 It’s no different, but this time we got the title F1 Which combines the look, feel, speed and performance of real world sports as you try to deliver something new to those (like me) who invest to play F1 year after year.

If you like sports but have just arrived in the world F1Don’t worry, I will ask you some interesting questions about the new game, but in general if you don’t know F1, have never watched a real race, will also have a lot of fun in this new title. Now, if you are an ET, have been playing Formula 1 for a while, like this article and buy the game, it’s awesome!

Get this analysis!  F1 22 |  Xbox Central

Ah, this is not a technical analysis, but the opinion of those who played!

To understand my point of view, it should be noted that the proposal of the game F1, is to put you in the world’s most famous single-seater and take you through a race that will test all your levels. Be it playing with the official F1 calendar, choosing your favorite team and driver, creating a custom event, running weekend races, taking part in multiplayer activities and even checking your car setup and driving times.

from year to year, Codemasters provides changes DNA from the project. on F1 2021we had breaking point (which provides exciting moments in the story of a pilot looking for his place in the sun) and an unprecedented campaign in a cooperative format (between two players). In 2022, the cooperative campaign remained breaking point It fell and we got a new one F1 life.

People know this way story It wasn’t a priority this time – and will likely return in the future – but F1 life It did not match and is useless to me. This addition (as well as Pirelli Hot Lap which we will talk about later), it seems that the “finger on the cake” is made electronic art. The use of micro-transactions and their unmistakable association with other games seems to have forced them to comply. DNA from the company.

O F1 life It’s basically a format where you create your lifestyle – as a Sims – but only with access to customize your little avatar, buy clothes and accessories from some famous brands. To buy things, you will have to spend your virtual points that you collect through the game or real money PitCoins. As a supplement to this question F1 Life, Just like a real racer, you can have access to a supercar and display it in your garage (virtual on the right) and… that’s it.

Get this analysis!  F1 22 |  Xbox Central

We are currently limited to 4 brands for supercars: Aston Martin, Ferrari, McLaren and Mercedes. Every car manufacturer offers some models, but few and far between, and we’ll limit ourselves to those, after all. Williams, Red Bull, Alpin, Alfa Tauri, Alfa Romeo and Haha Don’t offer cars and/or charge them in-game.

And speaking of cars, electronic art and Codemasterscreate a kind of agitation For this title, announcing the arrival of Super Cars that you can drive. And then the crowd went wild, trying to figure out what it meant. Expand the game to include touring cars? Will we have new modes? with integration Project vehicles? no one!

New Pirelli Hot Lap ChallengeAllowing you to choose between the aforementioned supercars, meet ‘holiday’ events such as drift and speed check. Oh he asks me; did we need The answer is no.

As I said above, both F1 life how much is Pirelli Hot Lap Challenge It was unnecessary in my opinion and once again shows a shift in focus and After winning the title. Throwing stuff like that into a game doesn’t make it more fun, it just distracts the audience that’s looking Form 1 Piloted vehicles that few can get their hands on.

Now, focusing on the races Form 1The game has maintained its quality and at this point it has become the best title ever developed Codemasters. Dare I say it, not only for the visual evolution presented, but also for the level of technical detail used to ensure the best grip on the track.

For those who want to have fun without compromise, you will have all the support of the game, which is prepared to bring many surprises. The race has become more intense, intelligence now makes your goals even more difficult, and it will be even more difficult to climb to the top of the leaderboard. Of course, you can continue to adjust the car, the track and dozens of already known assistants in the game so that you do not hesitate while driving.

Get this analysis!  F1 22 |  Xbox Central

Nevertheless, the game brings new features such as the manual placement of the car on the presentation lap and after the start of the race. In my opinion, it made the race more engaging, less mechanical, because it’s up to you to warm up the tires and park in the right place before the start.

The co-op mode remains sensational, and if you want to have fun playing with someone else, don’t worry. The multiplayer mode, on the other hand, brings innovations and many new rules to the track, for those who want to risk the “open lobby” or participate in championships here and there. It will definitely be a game with more fierce competition.

And finally, what to think about F1 2022?

There is no denying how F1 2022 Closer to reality, so much so that we can see how it improves year after year, adapting the annual rules, mechanical aspects, physics, schemes and more to be the first title. Codemasters – which is now a part electronic art – We were satisfied with the result, even if we did not agree on some things.

Get this analysis!  F1 22 |  Xbox Central

Including touring cars in an F1 game didn’t really get the game anywhere, especially with only 4 car manufacturers and zero chance of doing a full race, with only a few mini-games that were honestly…skipable. Yes, they could use that time and invest in other things like cross-platform between consoles, which should only come later.

This was really a big disadvantage for the company. Will it take away your pleasure? No, if you (like me) want to play F1 races, participate in championships, etc., you don’t have to worry about anything. Now, if it’s coming now, it might distract you and make you spend your time on supercars instead of the real thing. Form 1.

F1 2022 is now available Xbox Storeand has a version for Xbox One BRL 299, version For Xbox series BRL 339and Edition of Champions which brings the Xbox One and Xbox Series versions BRL 399.

This review was done on an Xbox Series S|X console.

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