Get an exclusive Final Fantasy VII Cloud NFT for $159.99

Even if there’s a chance you’ll lose it forever

Square Enix is ​​releasing a new Cloud action figure from Final Fantasy VII that will also have a digital version to be exact The NFT version of the collector. In partnership with Enjin, a company specializing in NFT, The digital version will cost $159.99. If you just wanted a real-world cloud, you’d have to shell out $129.99.

The collectible and its NFT version are part of Final Fantast VII’s 25th anniversary celebration. The official product page states: “This exclusive (digital) version of the Square Enix Store includes a trade-in ticket for redeeming a digital certificate of authenticity and a digital version of the action figure that you can enjoy on PC or smartphone.”

In the product description, Square Enix confirms that “both the digital certificate of authenticity and the digital version of the action figure are managed by blockchain technology known as NFTs,” so there’s no doubt that your JPEG of the Cloud collector will be an NFT.

NFT is at risk of “future unavailability”.

Anyone interested in the FF VII hero NFT will need an account on the Enjin platform to have a virtual wallet that will house the virtual cloud (no pun intended). After that, you will have a limited amount of time to save your single file. After this period, it will no longer be possible “for some reason”.

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The product page also warns that you may lose your NFT permanently if Enjin closes its doors: “In the event that Enjin’s services become unavailable in the future, you should lose access to the NFT Digital Certificate of Authenticity and the valid digital version. figure”.

There is a “Caution before purchase” section with warnings about how to deal with NFT, such as warning the owner of the NFT not to sell your file or transfer it to another owner.

This attitude of Square puts the developer at odds. After selling the studios to Embracer Group, the owner of Final Fantasy announced that it will enter the NFT and blockchain market. But shortly after, the studio announced that it would use the proceeds from the sale of its studios to further the development of its IPs.

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“While we will use the proceeds for new investments such as NFT and blockchain, we intend to use them primarily to fund our efforts to promote solid IPs and improve our development capabilities in the core of our digital entertainment segment,” said Yosuke Matsuda, president. Square Enix, at the time.

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