Genshin Impact was envisioned as a 90s RPG – Arcade

The artist decided to reimagine Genshin influence, as if the game was a traditional RPG from the 90s, more specifically an RPG from the 32-bit era. as a game HoYoverse It is quite popular, the most talked about game by Brazilians Twitter Work in 2021 Oh, David It got a strong repercussion on the networks.

The video is short, only 20 seconds long and only 306 frames, but it was enough to attract attention. The artist came up with the idea to bring the game’s open world into the common format of RPGs twenty years ago, with turn-based battles and pixelated art. See the artwork below Oh, David:

Video brings Ningguang, cake, Ether and Juggling In Lieu, in front of A Ruin Hunter. The video brings even more characters, e.g Xiao and AzhdahaExcept for the artist himself, who was involved in his demake as a supporting character.

Of course, among the many comments, there are many requests for the artist to turn this 20 seconds into a full game. But he already made it clear that he doesn’t have the technical know-how to make the game this way and was happy with the video he posted.

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