Genshin Impact: The fan re-creates the RPG weapon in the smallest detail

If you are a fan Genshin Impact And if you dream of having a copy of the weapon from the game, then you should definitely try the work of Maxim, a Russian craftsman and Reddit user, who beautifully recreates the RPG weapon, one of his latest works, including Light Spear of Lawnmower, used. By character Electro Shogun Raiden. Check it out below:

The boy loves the game HoYoverse It took almost a year and a half and they started making guns out of love for the title and thought they had “good design and interesting ideas to execute”.

Each of them takes about two weeks from conception to final details. “The first step is to sketch, then cut the PVC parts and make all the necessary cuts for the electronics. Then I glue the pieces to the LED and fix it according to the sketch. With the help of a professional blast, I draw small details. Finally, I cover the stitches and irregularities with stitches and treat the surface with starch for painting, before applying the paint by airbrush, ”the craftsman explained to VGC.

The end result is wonderful copies of some popular weapons. Genshin ImpactIt easily becomes a consumer dream for fans RPG around the world. “Each of my works is very popular among the people. After so many years my skills have gained recognition, it’s very important to me. Of course, it is nice to earn money from him, “Maxim said.

For those interested, the craftsman sells each of his works, but after Russia invades Ukraine, things get complicated as online sales platforms and various banking services become inaccessible to Russian consumers, forcing the boy to share his beautiful creations. On Reddit.

“It is a fact that I am from Russia and due to the recent events, there are no usual ways to get a job. This is all I can and want to do in my life, but many paths are now closed. I have to look for clients here, ”said the artist.

At the moment, Maxim can only make payments through cryptocurrency and its delivery system is very limited and has very long deadlines, but who knows when it will improve in the future, Brazilian consumers will also be able to walk away with these eye-catching displays. ?

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