Genshin Impact generates $ 1 billion in revenue every six months for its developers

This is only for mobile platforms.

Although after the speech he got a little bit of attention, Genshin Impact continues to maintain the dedicated base of the player Which resulted in good results for developer MiHoYo. According to Sensor Tower analysis, estimates show this The mobile version of the title alone generates about $ 1 billion in revenue every six months.

The analytical company claims that after its launch, It took Genshin Impact about 171 days to create its first billion (Including Android stores, except official). “It then took an additional 195 days to accumulate an additional $ 1 billion – $ 2 billion in the first year alone.“.

Sensor Tower proves it The bond exceeded $ 3 billion after 185 daysThat means it averages $ 1 billion every six months, making it one of the most successful mobile games of all time.“, – the company says in a statement. Integers can be even higher because Leave the game versions on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

The success of the game is impressive

Genshin Impact’s great success came even after the game was negatively compared to similar titles Zelda Legend: The Breath of Breath And will be criticized for not being available on all desktop platforms. Recently, MiHoYo revealed that it has decided Postponed 2.7 update release indefinitely The title will be played by the characters Cook Shinobu and Yellan.

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On its social networks, the developer has promised to bring weekly rewards to players as a way to offset expectations for new content. The developer has also confirmed this Continues to work on the Nintendo Switch version of the gameWhich many have already considered abolished.

Initially, MiHoYo promised that the hybrid console would get the game in 2020, and after that did not happen, it even removed references to the platform from its promotional materials. Despite this, He assured GoNintendo that the process is still ongoing and should get more information as it moves forward..


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Source: Push Square, GoNintendo


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