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The tradition takes collectors of all ages to newsstands and other stores

In the year of the World Cup, albums and stickers were released again, surprising collectors of all ages looking to complete the book with player stickers.

As the World Cup, which begins on Nov. 20, approaches, the search for figures that are still missing has fans flocking to newsstands and other outlets to purchase more packs.

However, to get the 670 figures that fill the album, it is impossible for the collector not to find reprints.

According to “Panini”, the company responsible for the production of the albums, the allocation of stickers in the packages is random.

In order to reduce the replay value and get what is missing, a solution that has been around for years during the World Cup season is to change the figures.

Currently, with technology, it is possible to exchange or even buy groups created for this purpose in social networks.

However, to facilitate this exchange, newsstands and malls organize events and spaces for collectors to meet in person and exchange their figurines.

Some of them have limited dates and times, while others are open all day.

Check out some places to exchange stickers in Campo Grande:

Shopping in Campo Grande

A space was created on the second floor of Shopping Campo Grande.

The area has monitors and is open daily from 2pm to 8pm, every day of the week.

“The idea was to offer a place for children and adults that would facilitate this exchange and ultimately become an environment for meeting and interacting,” says Ana Paula Faustino, Marketing Manager of Shopping Campo Grande.

The exchange point is supported by Livraria Leitura, where you can find albums and stickers.

The environment will be organized until October 31.

Shopping Bosque dos Ipês

In Shoppingo Bosque dos Ipês, an exchange structure was created on the first floor, in front of Livraria Saraiva.

The space is open every Saturday and Sunday from 14:00 to 20:00 until October 30.

“There are already spaces downtown for this purpose, so we thought Bosque would be a good option for the residents of the neighborhoods and condominiums around us,” says Adriano Passos, Bosque’s supervisor.

The mall has purchased 1,000 stickers that are available to exchange with shoppers.

“For every five exchanges, the collector gets a bonus sticker. The daily limit for exchanging stickers is 50 people,” explains Adriano.

Shopping Norte Sul Plaza

At Norte Sul Plaza, stickers are exchanged at the Loja Slimeria kiosk every Saturday and Sunday.

The store is also offering 50 stickers for a collectable swap that takes place on Saturdays from 10am to 10pm and Sundays from 12pm to 8pm.

The shop is located in the entrance hall, almost in front of Marisa.

Modular banking

The modular bank, located on Rua 25 de Dezembro, at the corner of Antonio Maria Coelho, in front of the shopping Marrakesh, is one of the most traditional shopping points in the city.

Exchanges take place there every weekend and bring together people of all ages,

Open all day on Saturday and only in the morning on Sunday.

Figurines and albums are also sold at the stand.

Elite banking

Banca Elite, located at Rua Maracaju, 1427, in front of Pão de Açucar, is also changing World Cup stickers.

Like Modular, Elite also sells sticker and album packs, and swaps only happen on weekends.

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