Gaming shelf: LG announces a dedicated interface and new cloud gaming services for its Smart TVs

LG on Monday (05) announced a new update for its 2021 and 2022 smart TVs. With the new software version, models of both lines It will have a toy shelfA platform that integrates all of the user’s cloud gaming services and serves as the answer to Samsung’s Gaming Hub.

LG toy shelf

Game Shelf will house all user subscriptions in a streamlined interface that will be integrated with webOS 6.0 (2021 TVs) and webOS 22 (2022 TVs). With the arrival of NVIDIA GeForce NOW, it was expected that the South Korean would introduce more innovations for gamers who are fans of game streaming.

There will be different categories — and subcategories — that will allow you to more easily find games based on your taste, such as sports (football, baseball, etc.). Initially, the new interface highlights titles available on the NVIDIA platform. Platforms like Google Stadia and Xbox Cloud Gaming are expected to be integrated into Gaming Shelf soon.

Blacknut and Utomik Cloud are coming to smart TVs

LG took advantage of its Gaming Shelf announcement to highlight the addition of two new cloud gaming services: Blacknut and Utomik Cloud.

Blacknut has over 500 games for consoles and PCs, including Metro Exodus and Overcooked, in addition to other well-known titles. Utomik Cloud goes even further and offers more than 1,300 PC games, but in total a selection of more than a hundred titles will be released for LG Smart TVs, including coffee talk and My time at Portia.

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05 Sept

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LG says Blacknut will launch compatible TVs from September in Germany, France and other European countries. In the United States, the platform will debut in the last quarter of the year. other regions It will receive the service at the beginning of 2023. Utomik Cloud, meanwhile, should begin shipping in mid-November.

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