/GAMES is giving away 10 PC games today (29), International Gamer’s Day

A magical moment can happen every second in front of the screen. Whether at the helm of a super sports car, a warrior facing evil in a ruined world, or even a farmer tending to his farm and animals, every player has a moment (or many) to fondly remember.

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And because of all the stories that gamers around the world have had in their lives, a date has been created to celebrate International Gamers Day, which is this very Monday, August 29th.

The date was created in 2008 in Spain, when several publications about games (Hobby Consolas, PlayMania and PC Mania) joined together and signed the date to celebrate the importance of electronic games and their benefits for all countries. Then this date gained fans around the world and became International Gamer’s Day.

It doesn’t matter the age, whether the player is on console, PC or mobile, the date is just worth noting. Playing video games is for fun and anyone who loves games is welcome. And who doesn’t? Well, it allows you to present a game that will be enjoyed.

How to celebrate in style? We here at /GAMES at Folha Vitória would like to present to you, our readers, some specially selected games for you to enjoy this day.

10 fantastic games that work in the most diverse settings and styles: racing, RPG, action, Metroidvania, combat… it has a little bit of everything.

How to participate?

Entering for a chance to win one of 10 games is very easy, just follow the steps below:

1 – Login, like and subscribe to the Folha Vitória YouTube channel Click here;

2 – Join our Steam group Click here (the game key will be sent to you by message through the platform);

3 – Have a lot of fun!

/GAMES Group on FOLHA VITÓRIA on Steam

On the platform, the team will bring the knowledge of editors Romulo Justen and Fagner Martinelli to a dedicated curation of new and old games available.

With many hidden gems and other near-misses (many games have already been released and entered the Steam catalog several times), the group brings players a source of information on whether or not games are worth buying, in addition to occasional promotions and tournaments. .

Do you want to be the player of the week? Join the group, register and follow it. The group can be accessed directly from the link below or via a Steam search:


Check out the games that will be played below:

GRID Autosport

Photo: Steam

ENSLAVED™: Odyssey to the West™ Premium Edition

Photo: Steam

PAC-MAN™ Championship Edition DX+

Photo: Steam

Sonic Adventure DX

Photo: Steam

Gods of Injustice Among Us Ultimate Edition

Photo: Steam

Cities in motion 2

Photo: Steam

DmC: Devil May Cry

Photo: Steam


Photo: Steam


Photo: Steam

death light

Photo: Steam

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