Gamer streamers are betting on a new niche: proprietary events

Loud’s Joker drew over 4,000 people to BGC3, with the streamer boasting nearly 11 million followers on Instagram alone.

fifth largest market games in the world. This is Brazil’s position in a ranking recently published by Newzoo, a major consulting company. electronic games. According to the survey, the country has about 101 million players. In terms of revenues, this market is expected to generate US$2.7 billion in 2022 alone, placing Brazil in the 10th position as a financial powerhouse in the country. Electronic sports.

In addition to sponsorship, this amount is increased by promising business: physical or mixed events. Many individuals and Streamers Players invest in personal experiences to attract fans. Recently, one of these events attracted attention for the speed with which tickets were sold and the speed with which people gathered in the same space in the city of São Paulo. Streamer Victor, aka Joker, Dan LoudOne of the largest esports organizations in Latin America, gathered more than 4 thousand people at BGC3, an event also known as Baguncinha.

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The show’s mix of gaming controversy and immersive experiences aired Trembling And had a peak broadcast of 200 thousand simultaneous viewers, in addition to 1 million people watching the final broadcast, there were shows, a Free Fire game duel and a GTA RP competition. The more than 7-hour program featured personalities such as Luva de Pedreiro, Toguro, El Gato and Boca de 09, Bruno Playhard, among others. The project had Sundae, a special projects agency operating in the games and GenZ market.

“Leaving BGC from a virtual environment to finally find a face-to-face environment has been a big challenge that has motivated us a lot over the past three months. People had the opportunity to meet and reconnect with friends and idols, cheer, vibe, play games, enjoy shows and enjoy immersive and fun experiences. With the numbers we were able to achieve and the incredible energy I felt in the space, I feel our goal to make this an unforgettable moment was accomplished,” says Bruna Alvarenga, CEO of Sundae.

In 2020, Nobru and Serol, prominent streamers and partners, created Copa Nobru, a gaming tournament that combines head-to-head live streaming. After more than 8 editions, Copa Nobru has already united millions of people in its broadcasts and with the participation of several gaming personalities in its studios.


When it made its debut in 2020, in its first version, the Copa Nobru came to gather more than 340 thousand spectators and mixed physical and digital contention.

In addition to the shows and competitions, BGC3 also offered fans an immersive experience through the BGC Experience, which featured an official BGC store, a photo opportunity with an official trophy awarded to the winners of the GTA RP Championship. “Arena Player’s Bank”, with 10 computers, for fans to have the same experience on stage and play inside the Cidade Alta, meet and greet influencers from Loud and even an exclusive barber: “Na Régua”, who received a team that cares. Joker hairstyles and haircuts in public.

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BGC was created in 2021 with the goal of bringing music and games together in the metaverse. In its first face-to-face edition, it had the support and sponsorship of major brands such as Player’s Bank, Itaú, which officially launched the Player’s Bank Loud card, Johnnie Walker, which activated the guest box with themed bars, Twitch. , which broadcast the entire event and the Blaze.

“BGC is already proven in the community, now our goal is to be able to expand outside of our bubble and be able to show our potential. We have an absurd structure and a great team. The more we realize this potential, the more we’ll be able to bring new recipes, as we already do with apparel, accessories, NFT items on GUNSTAR, among others,” Joker explains. The biggest challenge, he says, is “getting sponsors to understand the reality and potential of GTA. The game is a metaverse with endless possibilities, and our goal is to show that we can use it for good.”

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