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Currently, mobile games are becoming increasingly popular and mainly reach gamers who do not have powerful gaming consoles or computers. After continuous growth, large companies in the gaming industry have invested more and more in mobile games and have reached a large base of active players.

In 2021, the gaming market collected figures that reached $ 477 billion. The number is the sum of the amount attracted by the dwarf computers and console gaming markets.

Mobile phones are not just about getting mobile games. With the popularization of cloud gaming services such as Xbox Cloud Gaming, the need for gaming PCs and consoles may be virtually over as it is possible to play games for high-end consoles on the screen of a conventional smartphone.

As more people join games on mobile devices, so does the search for equipment that improves the level of players playing competitive titles, as the speed with which events respond to events in games can make a big difference in winning or losing a match.

Some gamers find it necessary to use a gamepad to connect specific controllers to a mobile phone and leave the best gameplay in its stable and comfortable state.

Check out the best mobile gaming panels on AliExpress:

Gamesir X2

Gamesir X2 is a player controller for the most demanding and competitive mobile users. To minimize latency, the device works with a “USB-C” connection or a “Lightining” port for iPhone users. Players who prefer can also find a version with a bluetooth connection that allows for a completely wireless connection.

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Gamepad Ipega PG-9217

The device has an ergonomic design that provides comfort even after a long period of gaming, it is adjustable, can accommodate mobile phones of different sizes, is compatible with Android and iOS, and has a wireless connection via bluetooth technology. Whoever buys the product enjoys a 47% discount on the total amount, which can be paid in up to 6 interest-free installments.

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Gamepad Mocute

The device is designed to be durable and ensure user comfort even after prolonged use. According to the product manufacturer, it can withstand 160 hours without recharging. In addition, the device is compatible with Android and iOS systems with bluetooth connectivity. Players who purchase the product have a 40% discount.

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