Game Status: See what’s new for PSVR2 with Horizon, Resident Evil Village and more

No Man’s Sky and The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners Ch2 are other games displayed at the event.

THE Sony Said today (02) at his time Game condition news Four games Which are in the process of processing PlayStation VR2The company recently said that PSVR2 Will have 20 games. Time was shown Game condition details Horizon Call of Mountain, No Man’s Sky, Resident Evil Village And The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners St 2.

See below for more details and presented game trailers.

Horizon Call of Mountain

The world of the horizon is spectacular up close. In Call of the Mountain you see this world through the eyes of Rias, a former shadowy Karja warrior who investigates a new threat in search of ransom for his land. He is a master of climbing and archery, two essential survival skills that you use to reach the tops of dangerous mountains and to eliminate scary vehicles like a tyrant.

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During your journey you will master different tools and weapons, as well as use different resources to create additional equipment, preparing for all situations. But you are not alone. On the way you will meet familiar and new characters, including Aloe herself.

In addition to the main story, Call of the Mountain also offers a sunken and exciting boat ride. Sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the horizon, but be careful! Some nasal vehicles may want to board the ship! Boat Trip is the perfect tool for the PS VR2 headphone gamer to share the magic of PS VR2 with friends and family while watching on the monitor.

No Man’s Sky VR

Today we are pleased to announce that No Man’s Sky is in development for the PlayStation VR 2. (PS VR2 system is also currently in development). It is also a fantastic time to focus on our VR experience.

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In 2019, for the original PlayStation VR, we made the decision to rebuild the game from scratch, which should not be left to us when it comes to increasing the VR sink.

The cabins and control systems of star ships and land vehicles have been redesigned, menu systems and interfaces changed, teleportation controls, terrain manipulation, tilt effects all redesigned to enhance the dynamism, tactics and joy of your adventures. No aspect of the experience was overlooked in the search for maximum sinking.

Resident Evil Village VR

Explore every detail of Dimitrescu Castle, from beautiful chandeliers to furniture textures. In PS VR2 you will feel much more the presence of prison inmates when you chase them down the corridors. And get ready for the patron of that place, Lady d.

In addition to the PS VR2 headset, you use the PlayStation VR2 Sense controllers to represent each hand in the game. Try to defend yourself using your weapon and Ethan will do the same; Aim the gun and the ethane goes too. You will also be able to perform dynamic actions, such as shooting at your weapon while holding a knife in one hand, or a pistol in one hand and a shotgun in the other. This enhanced control increases player immersion.

We’ll show you some of the most special combat scenes we’ve prepared to learn a bit about the combat system on the PlayStation VR2. This game will throw you into the world of Resident Evil Village, with the best immersive horror experience. Be Ethan Winters and face death in this adventure!

The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners St 2

Skydance Interactive and Skybound Entertainment are proud to present the first look of the game in the next chapter of the virtual reality title The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners. TWDSS Ch2 will be released on PSVR2 in 2023.

First of all, Chapter 2: Retribution tries to remain a prime example of tactile brutality for VR games and impress the player just like the first chapter of TWDSS. With the power and impressive new features offered by PS VR2, players will enjoy high-quality visuals, more accurate hand-tracking, and larger, more detailed levels to find more and more. The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution is scheduled for PSVR in late 2022 and PS VR2 in 2023.

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