Game producer Rogue Snail is launching an RPG in partnership with Netflix

Brazilian video game producer Rogue Snail last week released the game “Relic Hunters: Rebels” in an exclusive partnership with Netflix, marking its entry into the streaming giant’s mobile gaming market.

Rogue Snail CEO Mark Venturel told Reuters that Netflix had approached the company with a view to investing in regional productions, as it does for the original movies and series in its catalog. He avoided disclosing the financial details of the deal.

“Like local shows that are successful around the world, such as La Casa de Papel and Squid Game, Netflix wants to do it with video games, and this project of ours has caught their attention,” he said.

“Rebels” is the second release in the Relic Hunters franchise, in the RPG genre “looter shooter”, in which players control four characters to collect various weapons to fight evil ducks and turtles in an attempt to defeat evil. Dukan Empire ..

The studio’s original idea when Netflix applied was to release “Relic Hunters: Legends,” which has a 3D environment and gameplay and is scheduled for release in 2023. “We asked if there was any interest (Rebels) in the release and they agreed. As it’s almost over, it came out first and that was our launch with Netflix Games.”

The game is not available to all Netflix users in Brazil because the streaming service’s gaming service has not been launched in the country. But Rogue Snail said the game started globally on May 3rd. Users can download it through the Play Store on Android devices.

Founded in 2014, Rogue Snail has released other titles for consoles and platforms such as Steam, where the first title in the Relic Hunters franchise was released 100% free, open source, and reached over 1 million gamers worldwide. .

Venturel believes that partnerships between independent studios and large manufacturing companies contribute to artistic and narrative creation, as developers do not need to focus on the in-game monetization format of games and “we were able to make the games, in our opinion, more interesting.”

The company Minas Gerais operates independently in the gaming market and uses various types of financing to increase its products. In the early years of Rogue Snail, the main form of investment was investor development.

As of 2017, the production company participated in the public announcement of the S სანo Paulo Film and Audiovisual Company, SPcine, and acquired investments through crowdfunding, Angel Investor in 2019, and then closed major ongoing partnership contracts, including. In addition to Netflix, Gearbox is a North American production company.

Rogue Snail is committed to diversity and less than half of the workforce is made up of men. “These statistics should not be a source of pride, but unfortunately it is in the gaming industry. Less than half of Rogge are white, heterosexual and gay men.”

The company is exploring this diversity with the non-fiction character Baru in “Relic Hunters: Rebels.” “Barrow’s involvement was completely natural, as the character was created by an unorthodox man, created by a trans woman, and voiced by Jan Aponte, an unbranded man,” Venturel said in a Netflix ad.

“A game to win is an abomination”

Despite the investment movement by tech companies in Metaversion, along with Meta, Epic Games and Tencent, Venturelli thinks this is the madness of the moment, unattractive to small independent gaming and entertainment companies like Rogue.

“It does not make much sense to talk about being a company and doing something for Metavers, it makes no sense at this point.”

Venturelli also said the company has no plans for games based on non-funky tokens (NFTs) and criticized the explosion of games to “win the game” where players spend time getting digital assets. “The game to win is disgusting, I hope they will no longer exist or become a niche in a few years,” he said.

“The idea of ​​turning gamers’ entertainment time into a pseudo-productive activity from which you can live the way some people do is’ deeply distorted and misrepresented as a profession and a threat to the gaming industry, ‘” the president said. From Rogue Snail.

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